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Belly Button Chat

Let's talk about belly buttons!

Posted by andrew92 on 2011-03-06 22:12:55

I would love to learn about belly buttons! Please tell!

Posted by dade on 2012-01-10 03:22:57

i would love someone to play in my belly button....

Posted by hdjbfner on 2012-01-14 18:53:45

<< I have many fantasies about my belly button, but one is about going to the doctor's office and getting an examination from a bellybutton doctor: I go into the waiting room which is filled with people who are having problems with their belly button, or who are just in for their yearly belly button examination. After I'm called in from the waiting room, the nurse sticks a thermometer into my belly button to check the temperature. Then she uses a small ruler to measure how long, wide, and deep it is. While we're waiting for the doctor, the nurse massages my stomach and belly button so that the muscles are very relaxed. When the bellybutton doctor comes in, he first asks me how my stomach and belly button have been feeling. The he asks me to lie down so he can look at my belly button. He takes a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean out the inside of my belly button, to make sure that there isn't any dirt or lint in it. Then he presses his finger deep inside my belly button, to take my pulse. He listens to my stomach with his stethoscope, and afterwards uses a rubber hammer to tap on my stomach and around my belly button to see my reaction. Then the doctor palpates my stomach, starting right below my rib cage and moving downward to about two inches below my belly button. Finally, the bellybutton doctor would finish up the examination, and I would eagerly await the next one. ;) >>

Brooke707, that sounds like such an awesome fantasy! I'd love that to happen to me...

Posted by jaimee 0001 on 2013-06-10 03:16:58

I actually have talked with people about my belly button before, lol. I chatted with my friends and family about it before which was never really a big deal to me, but one time I actually talked about my belly button with a complete stranger! I was in the grocery store wearing a cropped tank top with a cropped sweater over it, and the sweater had a loose thread hanging from one of the buttons. The thread got inside my belly button and was brushing against the bottom of my belly button whenever I moved, which was tickling my belly button a bit. Instead of just ripping the thread off I kept brushing it away and poking my belly button as I walked around the store (because each time that I brushed it out the thread managed to get back inside my belly button again). While I was looking at fruit a cute guy around my age standing beside me noticed and asked me if my belly button was okay. I turned pink and explaimed that the thread was just tickling my belly button, and he laughed and asked me if my belly button was ticklish. I told him that it was, then he told me that I had a cute belly button, and from there we somehow got into a conversation about innies and outies and which one we liked better. It was really random, but I actually liked talking with the guy about belly buttons without our conversation being all that awkward. The guy said that he'd dated a few girls who had ticklish belly buttons and didn't mind being poked in the belly button. I blurted out that he could poke me in the belly button if he wanted, then I turned bright red, because I thought that he'd think I was a total weirdo. But he just laughed, and then he actually did poke his finger in my belly button and wiggle it around a little! I was shocked, and I kind of walked off really quickly to the checkout after that, but it made me realize that I'd like to date someone who likes belly buttons like I do.

Posted by mikinee on 2013-07-02 15:42:38

Thats really good to know that there are some girls out there that dont mind or even like there belly buttons poked i think its really fun and i love a cute belly button very nice story to and don't worry i wouldn't think that you where a weirdo if you asked me to poke your belly button