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Teen Guys: Physical Examinations

my teenage physicals

Posted by smar on 2010-05-01 00:49:47

Most of my physicals took place in the summer months. I arrived at the doctor’s office with my mother, who drove me. I usually wore shorts, underwear (briefs), a t-shirt, sneakers, and socks. After checking in, we sat in the waiting room. When the nurse called my name, I followed her to one of the exam rooms. She told me to take off everything except for my underwear. This meant I was barefoot, which made me uncomfortable since I don’t like people seeing my feet and toes. She had me step on the scale to get my weight and height. Then, she checked my blood pressure, pulse, and maybe one or two other things. When that was done, she gave me a plastic cup and told me to go to the toilet and pee in it to a certain point. As I went to the toilet, I was still only in my underwear. I returned my urine sample to her and she told me to take a seat on the exam table and wait for the doctor to come in. The room was kind of cold, especially since I was only in my undies. Sometimes my $%!@ would get hard as I was just sitting there. I can’t explain why.

When the doctor came in, we greeted each other and he asked me some general questions about my health. He then started to examine me from head to toe. He checked my eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat. heart, lungs, stomach, back, spine, $%!@, genitals, legs, knees, feet, and toes. One interesting part of the exam was when he examined my $%!@ and genitals. The other was when he checked my feet and toes. Those are the only two parts worth going into excessive detail.

For the $%!@ and genitals check, he sat in a chair and lowered my briefs to my knees. He gripped my hard $%!@ and asked me to turn my head and cough. He said that it was done to see if I had a hernia. I had to be careful not to let anything come out of my $%!@, like pee or semen. He also made general comments about my pubic hair and scrotum that they were all normal.

The feet and toes check was probably the most thorough part of the physical exam. For this, I was sitting on the exam table. He did each procedure first on my left foot and toes, and then on my right foot and digits. The doctor checked my plantar reflex first. I have very ticklish and sensitive feet, so it was hard to keep my foot still and my toes straight. Next, he made general comments about my soles, like if they looked smooth or felt soft or hard. Now, it was time to check my tootsies. He examined my toenails first. After looking at them, he asked me to spread my toes so he could look in between. He also put his finger in between my toes, one gap after another. Finally, he asked me to wiggle my toes, one foot after another and then all ten piggies at the same time. The feet and toes check was cool; I just wish it was a female doing it! I would have asked her to play “This Little Piggy” with my toes, on each foot too.

When everything was all done, I got dressed again and waited for the nurse to give me shots, if any. At the same time, the doctor spoke to my mother. Last, my mother and I left the office.

So, that was an average teenage physical for me. I hope you enjoyed reading about it.