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Teen Guys: Physical Examinations

cultural differences

Posted by eric19940907 on 2009-09-02 11:03:06

I'm from the UK, but am just starting a school year at a lycee in France, and we had the medical check yesterday, which was entirely different from back home. I was shocked at 2 things. First the complete lack of privacy, and second how the French kids were so blase about it. I looked on in horror, and they looked on in mild interest which soon turned to boredom. We were put into groups of 9, alphabetically in our year group, and all nine of went into the room together. There were six boys, including me, and 3 girls. We're all 15, I think. I'd been given no info at all, except to do as the French kids do, as they've all done it the same way every year. The doctor was a middle-aged woman, none too friendly, tall and rather fat for a medical practitioner. First we were told to strip off and stand on a) a weighing machine then b) a device which measures your height. I assumed this meant down to your underwear, and was astonished to see that the others took their pants off too, and just went and stood on the scales; when one was standing on the scales, the others seemed more interested in how much he or she weighed rahter than the fact their bare arse was in full view. And for the height device, you had to stand facing forwards with your arms by you sides... and nobody batted an eyelid. I was blushing like a beetroot which the others seemed to find funny. Then the first 3 had to go to the 3 examination tables, and the first guy (a beefy black lad called Yannick) had to lay face down. So while the doctor was stethoscoping his back, he was lying there with his bare bum being perused by the rest of us, who were just left to stand around. Then, horror of horrors, she did a bumhole examination, apparently checking for haemmoroids and putting her finger on that bit between his bumhole and his balls and telling him to cough about 5 times. And the others are calmly looking on, as if he's wearing a three-piece suit. Then she told him to turn over, and listens to his chest with the stethoscope, and looks in his eyes and ears, and down his throat, and all the while his $%!@ is right there, sort of half-hard. When she eventually examines it, she holds it in her hand and looks closely at that bit of skin at the back (that hurts if you wank too hard), and fingers his balls while he has to cough again. Then she examines his feet and toes (athlete's foot?). Only then could he get up and go the toilet to give a urine sample. He went off still naked, came back and got dressed, then waited for his friends. The doctor did us all in the same way (as far as is anatomically possible), so you end with 8 of your year-mates having a good look at your bare bum right down to the hole and your $%!@/vagina. And this, apparently, is quite acceptable. In the UK, people simlpy would refuse.

Posted by cwk on 2009-09-05 03:23:56

Oh, god! That's just crazy. I'd be like, "excuse me, only the doctor is allowed to see my ----- and ----------. I need some privacy, guys!"

Obviously they aren't nearly as modest as we are.