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School uniform at home

uniform at home

Posted by garyboi on 2009-08-24 20:59:25

anything anyone wants to say or suggest?

Posted by It'sIt on 2009-09-04 06:40:44

Ok, I will...

First, I don't think there is anything intrinsically "wrong" or "weird" with this. If you enjoy it & it causes you no meaningful problems, go for it...

You might be surprised to know there are many boys (and men) who actually LIKE wearing school uniforms (weather they admit so publicly or not) with most seeming to prefer the classic gray shorts type. The reasons are many & varied, of course, but no matter. Doubtlessly, a few will think you a bit "eccentric" (if an adult) but (if still a youth) you'll likely find more expressing admiration & approval, especially if you don the traditional trim shorts style. Moreover, you'll come to know other's of like mind to become friends with...

Enjoy & best of luck...

Posted by garyboi on 2009-09-04 19:35:05

cool havent got shorts tho just my ordinary trousers

Posted by F.E.A.R on 2009-09-05 17:33:45

I wouldnt really wanna wear my uniform at home...only reason why I have to is cause if I get bad feedback on report I have to leave it on cause its part of home rules.

meh kinda weird if teens wanna wear it out of their own decsion....

Posted by Mr. Bumby on 2009-09-17 11:32:07

I think it's a really good idea to wear your uniform at home - I prefer always to look smart, e.. shirt & tie, grey flannel trousers instead of jeans and trainers.