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Wrestling Singlets

Wearing nothing

Posted by Mark on 2002-03-23 18:00:25

A lot of guys on my hs wrestling team wouldn't wear anything under our singlets

Posted by Heartwell on 2002-08-11 03:21:08

========== In Reply To ========== A lot of guys on my hs wrestling team wouldn't wear anything under our singlets I wrestle on a HS team, and I feel more comfortable wearing a jock strap underneath. I don'twant to expose myself.

Posted by spw2020 on 2005-02-22 01:27:45

That's hot! I love wrestlers. Do you let it hang free. Doesn't it feel weird when your package rubs up against other boys? What about if someone grabs you while your wrestling-that would be strange

Posted by prince_jens on 2005-06-03 12:10:28

I am 16 do not wear anything under my singlet, the support of the singlet is enough. Yes in matches, I have been grabbed, squeezed and kneed at times on purpose and by accident. Sometimes the ref caught and sometimes he did not. When up close against my opponent, I have been hard and the opponent has been hard against me. That is just part of wrestling and one must think nothing of it. In our area most of the weigh ins are done nude. When you get on the scales you are totally naked in front of some of your teammates. It has got to be no big deal.

Posted by collegewrestler on 2006-08-20 14:13:41

I wrestled through both High School and College, and I pretty much wore a jockstrap whenever I wore a singlet after my first couple of matches (where I blindly experimented with both regular underwear and wearing nothing). A jockstrap just felt more comfortable for me so I didn't have to worry about things 'down there' in the heat of a match. To be honest, I always have laughed when I saw other guys trying to wear bulky underwear underneath a singlet, especially when it's boxer shorts (even saw one guy with what looked to be baggy flannel boxers - making quite the strange bulging in his singlet. I can't imagine how it could have been anything but uncomfortable and awkward, not to mention hot!). I usually got some flack from some of my high school teammates now and then, but I'd just shrug it off with a remark about it being appropriate for at least SOME jocks to wear jockstraps at our school, and it might as well be guys on the wrestling team... I was pretty sure the pretty boys on the basketball team weren't!

Things were different when I wrestled in college... I'm almost certain that just about all of us wore jockstraps under our singlets during matches. Most guys even wore a jock for practice, underneath our compression shorts and shirts (thank god for the invention of UnderArmour!), cause they could be pretty brutal and you never knew what might happen.

the only times that I doubted wearing a jockstrap was while wrestling Freestyle and Greco in the summers, wearing an international/low-cut singlet. I liked that style and cut myself (and had collected a share of tournament and camp singlets, some traded from other states, and it was part of the fun to show off your accomplishments--and trading prowess--while we were free from our school team colors and singlets in the spring/summer off-season), except that on some, the sides scooped so low that the wide waistband of my jockstrap was exposed sometimes an inch or two. I guess I didn't give it too much thought, because I went ahead and wore em like usual. Although this year I did buy some of the new Bike jockstraps that have the narrower waistband and updated styling (but not as narrow a band as a swimmer's jock, which I found too narrow), and I found that they were much better and less conspicuous with my favorite low-cut brute reversible singlet at the 3 open division tournaments I entered this spring.