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My Opinion

Posted by laura987 on 2009-11-28 03:41:13

Well, as far as the medical procedures were concerned, your boyfriend really has nothing to complain about. It's really a good thing that he has a "thorough" physical. So the doctor is female, that's his problem. He could have chosen ahead of time to have his personal doctor be a male if he thought about it. The nurse will likely be female wherever he goes though, and despite any protests from him will be required to be present throughout his full physical. Believe it or not, this is for his safety - and it's the law! Anyway, both are medical professionals and will act accordingly. I'm sure he's not the first guy they've seen naked or whose genitals the doctor has examined. It's part of the program. He just needs to get used to it if he's not already.

Posted by can433 on 2010-08-11 23:22:00

I think such an exam is very proper. Guys should always be naked from the start - regardless whether females are present or not. It is only for the best of the guys, because it helps the nurse and the doctor to notice, if anything is wrong with his body. A thorough genital exam, including an exam of the $%!@ region, is obligatory for a guy and should always be conducted. The presents of female personel will help the guy to develope an erection of his p enis, which is required for a full exam, to see whether there are any functional irregularities.

Posted by Philogynist on 2011-03-26 18:31:47

I don't know if it's required or not for a man to be naked in a medical examination but if if it is thand the gender of the doctor is irrelevant, a doctor is a doctor. But some of the comments are strange. Why would it be a problem for the doctor to be female? Also, the man certainly does not have to have an erection in an exam, he would just report any difficulties he might have.

And no one has the right to order other people around. If the man doesn't want to be nude on a beach than he shouldn't be. Not much of a man if he can't stand up to women.

Posted by Gabriel. on 2011-03-28 04:10:18

I dont know about anyone else but I have to be naked for part of my exam. I dont really care. I like being naked. But I agree, it dont matter to me if its a man doctor or lady doctor.

Posted by sweetp on 2014-09-26 21:04:30

Most males don't have a problem with being naked in front of anyone. A male should be naturally confident and totally proud of his body. Unfortunately, a lot males have been psychologically damaged and filled with shame, fear, and humiliation that probably started at an early age in the home and came from some twisted puritanical un-natural logic. My god parents had a cfnm household and my two god brothers and my god father were always naked at home while my god mother and god daughter always had clothes on. It didn't originate with my godmother. It was my godfather who started being naked and his son's chose to join him. They really liked being freely naked at home. It's a very natural thing.