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girls only masterbation and squirting

Congratulations. Worst poll ever.

Posted by Crocoduck on 2009-09-04 03:12:04

Let's see. . . all caps, idiotic spelling, and you're clearly an adolescent male if you think there even is such a thing as squirting. Here's a news flash: it's just pee.

Posted by Boulderdash on 2009-09-14 05:25:37

News flash for you, it's not just pee. While it is possible a woman could squirt out some urine during orgasm if she really had to go, there is a gland in her body that corresponds to the male's prostate if she had developed as male instead of female. It is also what makes up the "G-spot" because it is so sensitive with nerves. This gland (I forget what it's called) surrounds the urethra just like the prostate does in males. For some women it can put out a large amount of fluid that does come out the urethra, making it appear that she's peeing during orgasm when in fact it is not pee.

And yes, the all caps, idiotic spelling, and required first question with no available answers do make the poll author a fücking moron.

Posted by roseinau on 2009-09-18 03:55:50

Absolutely true - it isn't pee! Manipulation of the G-Spot is likely to result in additional excretion an for some women - me included - it squirts out. This was definitely the worst poll ever - stupid spelling, pathetic questions and no response to question 1 possible.

Posted by PEEWEE123456 on 2011-09-25 19:00:58

It isnt pee at all! Im a female and i have squirted its not pee!!! My boy friend even said so! :) This poll was horrible.