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Religion - which one?

The Definition Of Religion!

Posted by wwjd4u3 on 2010-07-08 17:32:55

Facts: What we do know!

1) There are basically over ONE HUNDRED different definitions of religion, that exists in America.

2) Each definition is reflecting either a scholarly or a dogmatic bias depending on the person who is trying to make the definition.

3) Most of these definitions, are actually created by intelligent, non-religious people.

4) As a definition is created, the definition leaves out one or more religion, even if that group is religious.

5) Sometimes a definition makes a few groups angry. There is one way, that you can create a definition, and it represents ALL groups of religion, and it leaves no group out.

6) There is a definition WITHIN the meaning of the word itself. Do you know what it is? Probably not, however, I can tell you!

LET'S SEE: (some examples)

What does the word "religion" mean, not the definition, just the meaning of the word itself. Have you ever looked up JUST the meaning of just the word?

Webster's Collegiate Dictionary traces the word "religion" back to an old Latin word religio meaning "taboo, restraint." A deeper study discovers the word comes from the two words re and ligare. Re is a prefix which could mean "rely" or "return," and ligare means "to bind" or bondage or even enslaved; in other words it means, "to return, or to rely on bondage."

LOL, Do you still want some of that "old-time religion"?

What if we use the meaning of the word religion, to create a definition? You can just say, "return to bondage" or even "choosing to be in bondage."

If the word basically means, "return to bondage" then what definitions can we get from this?

How does mankind "return to bondage" when becoming religious?

A few synonyms to help: (return to - rely on - choose to) subjection, slavery, controlled, forced, chains, servitude, confined, captivity, imprisoned, pressure, violence, bridle, limit, command, hindrance, obstruction, obstacle, etc....

You all get the idea! If we stick with the meaning of word, we CAN easily create a definition?

Example: "Choosing to obey required religious practices, such as ceremonies, mandatory traditions etc.. which are only weak, and miserable principles that people are wishing to be enslaved by. People who choose to observe special days, months, seasons, and years even if they are just wasting their lives."

Now that we all know, what the word itself means, are there any other ways that you can be enslaved? Do you follow religious teachers who require you to follow a long list of mandatory, laws and traditions?


"If you are trying to attain your goal for eternal life by human effort, desire, or works."

------> Then you are enslaved!

"Are you captivated by hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition, and the basic principles of this world...?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

"Does your beliefs continually require you to perform sacrifices?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

"Do you have any dietary restrictions, and consider any foods unclean?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

"Do you consider any days more sacred than any other?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

"Do you feel required to worship God in a special building/temple?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

Do you keep sacred texts because you think you have eternal life because you read them?"

------> Then you are enslaved!

Did You Know.........

The truth is, these practices make no sense at all, they seem weak, useless, and nobody really profits by them. These things make nobody perfect, and eternal life could NEVER really be attained through any of these, so they need to be set aside because they are weak and useless.