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Most memorable spanking

1st memorable spanking

Posted by jade k on 2009-07-23 09:33:07

hi their

i've had a few memorable spanking growing up, the one i care to share is one of the 1st spanking i remember getting, am sure if was spanked before this one, just this one stand out in my mind.

well i was age 6, being taken round the shops by my mother, and after what felt like 100 shops i just didn't want to go to another shop, so i just sat right down in the middle of the shopping centre and cry "am not going, am staying here, take me home now"

you get the idea, am sure u seen other little girls do the same, well my mother was having none of it, she lift me up, pull me over to a eating area for like Mcdonalds or something like that, over her knee i went, panties down, and she spanked my bare bottom in the public then and their (this might sound like another world to some)

well after what felt like hours (more like 10 to 15 min) i pull back up still with the panties round my ankles crying, she ask me polite if i was not ready to go to the next shop or if i wanted another spanking,

well of course i was more than ready to go shopping again.


Posted by 442 on 2009-07-28 23:45:56

Geez....you should have opted for another spanking. Maybe that would have stopped the endless shopping.

Posted by jgs on 2009-08-04 17:48:23

It was age 12 by mom. I got caught lying and not doing my homework. I remember mom standing in the kitchen when I got in from school. Mom had the "Wooden Spoon" in her hand. I did not think it was for me. I thought maybe she was cooking something. I did not see her cooking though. I guess it was going to be my butt that was going to be cooking. Mom told me she got a call from teach for not doing my homework. Mom asked me did I do my homework. I said yes I did. Mom asked how come you did not hand it in. Uh well I did not do it. My mom asked why did not do it. I said it was to hard so I did not do it. Mom said you need to be punished. I am going to spank you for lying and not doing your homework. I begged please don't spank me please. Mom said you need to be punished. Mom said come over here and bend over my lap. I said no. Mom got up slowly. I walked away. Mom caught me though. She grabbed my arm and hit my butt a few times. I said ouch. I covered my butt as we walked to the chair. Mom pulled the chair out in the middle of the floor. Mom put me over her lap. I remember lying over mom's lap. I was looking at the floor waiting mom to begin spanking my butt. Mom said this is going to hurt me more than it does you. Mom began her spanking right after that. The first one that landing hit my butt good. It got my attention. I remember during the spanking I was crying like a baby. I remember my brother coming in while mom was spanking me. I thought to myself the spanking was going to stop since my brother was home. No such luck mom told my brother I was getting spanked for not doing my home work and lying about it. I looked at my brother crying with the tears flowing from my eyes as mom was spanking. I learned my lesson though. I knew if I did not do my homework mom would give me another spanking like that.

Posted by jgs on 2009-08-08 15:47:09

No I had my clothes on when I got that spanking. I received a few spankings after that but not many stand out like that one. When mom spanked she meant business.

Posted by Colurclok on 2009-10-13 21:32:34

I'm 13 n my worse spanking dat I will probably remember for a while was 2 days ago for cussing at my older sis. My sis grabbed me by tha arm n spanked me barebottom with tha hairbrush. My sis told my mom n I walked into tha kitchen to find my mom holding tha spatula. I ran n my sis brought me down to tha floor by tripping me. My mom gave her tha spatula n my sis spanked me barebottom with tha spatula. When I started screaming my mom came in with tha belt. She started spanking me with tha belt. Afterwards, she gave me a lecture about no cussing n no screaming in tha house. About 2 hours later my dad came in. I noticed him taking his belt off so I ran out. I got outside when he stopped me. He spanked me barebottom right there with tha belt. As I walked into tha house my mom told my dad about tha beer they found in my sisters room. He spanked her barebottom with tha belt also That night my parents reminded both of us bout tha rules. I said I didn't give a $%!@ bout tha rules n went to my room. My dad called Randy n an hour later Randy came in my room n beat me with tha belt