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Your Pactio

My Artifact

Posted by Master_Geass on 2009-07-21 01:21:46

Name: Extraho Loricatus

Appearance: Suit of red armor and a sword. The armor looks dragon like.

Ability: Power of fire, shoot fire balls and make swords of fire (1). Retractable blades on the gauntlets (1). Energy wings for flight (3). Invisible mode (4). Radar in the helmet (3). Protects agent fire. Large metal sword (Ignis) with glowing runes, when activated, it can cut through almost anything and make shock waves (2/4). Can turn into a landmaiden (large robot from Appleseed)(6). Missile launcher (5). Clawed hands (1). Arm mounted grappling hook. (2). Twin missile launcher (6).

Limits: Like Asuna’s artifact, it comes in stages to master, 6 of them with 1 as gauntlets, 5 as full body armor, and 6 as 9ft tall robot armor. Can only protect the parts of the body it covers. Can’t use any of the powers when Ignis or invisible mode is in uses. Limited number of shots. The powers drain the batteries and can’t be used after it runs out. Invisible mode doesn’t work under water, in the rain, in sandstorms, etc. Some abilities don’t work until you get to the right stage.