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Bare feet

Posted by GarethM-UK on 2009-07-19 10:15:37

I love taking my shoes and socks off and staying in bare feet. I'm always in bare feet for school PE though it's not the rules (socks/trainers optional) and not many other boys like it (though I keep trying to get others to do it in bare feet too as I think its better). At home, I always take my shoes and socks off at the door. It's not our house rules, but I pretend that it is, and tell my mates they have to take their socks off in the house too (they don't like it very much, even though they always take their shoes off at the door without being asked). I just think its way more fun to be in bare feet. Sometimes if the weather is good outside I'll even go outside in bare feet too.

Posted by markjones99uk on 2009-07-21 15:02:43

We have a strict "shoes and socks off in the house" rule. This applies to all the family, close relatives and friends, and where possible to guests too.

Shoes and socks are taken off and left by the door. My kids know to ask their friends to take socks off when they come round (they always take shoes off anyway) and nobody has ever objected.

Occasionally an adult guest who doesn't know the rules may be reluctant, in which case we will let them in wearing their socks, but explain the situation to them.

Most of my friends have similar rules at home too, so their really isn't a problem, though if any kids do disobey the rules, they get their socks taken off and confiscated.

It's the same rules we had when I was a child, though it was less common back then.

Posted by aquamermaid on 2009-07-22 22:06:31

i understand the shoes off rule but asking guest to remove socks i think is rude. im one of those people who feel uncomforable without socks i cant stand to go w/o socks so i bring a clean pair of socks that has never been worn b4 incase i run in those situations if the owner wont agree with that then i dont come in.

Posted by Nefeli on 2009-08-21 07:58:45

@markjones99uk So you say that where you live such strict rules are very common? I know a few households with a "bare feet only" rule in the house but this is certainly not the majority. Where do you live? In the UK (as your name indicates)?

Then I would be interested to know why you are so strict about that? Is it because of hygienic reasons?

You say that for grown-ups bare feet are not mandatory any more. What about young boys or girls in the age of 18, 19 or so?

I'm asking so much because I have a close friend whose parents are enforcing this kind of rule for all her friends. So, when I go to her house I'm not allowed to enter without removing shoes AND socks first. I'm only allowed to put them on again when leaving her. I really think it is a stupid, humiliating and unnecessary rule. Never dared to ask her parents about it, though.

Posted by Blutengel on 2009-09-01 22:47:21

I really don't get what is hyghienic about barefoot? :S Feet are common spreaders of al sort of fungal infactions.

Can you imagine someone with athlete's feet walking over the floor. And everyone in their barefeet walking over it... :S I would argue that once. ;)

It's really an odd rule to me. Don't understand the point of it. Just seems gross to me...