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I Was Spanked Poll

Spanked at church :(

Posted by jwalker93 on 2009-04-20 03:34:23

Hey have you ever been spanked at church??? This past sunday I was moving too much according to my mom so she took me to a spare class room and gave me 20 swats with a hairbrush OTK. It was so embarrasing :(At least I was wearing jeans but that brush gave me a sore red butt for the rest of the service not to mention the POP sound when the brush hit my butt Im sure people could hear:( I am 15 :(

Posted by Markus2 on 2009-05-27 11:19:26

Ha! where did she get the brush?

Back in the 80´s it was not uncommon in some churches that misbehaving kids were taken by their moms (or dads) to the backroom or somewhere secluded during the services. Most obviously they were spanked there, I recall many times them coming back to the service with their parent and they looked just like beeing spanked. Never heard anythong thou. I learned somewhere that there was a paddle available, never saw it thou.

It happened to me once: I was 13 (much older than the avarage kids that usually visited the classroom with their parent). My folks were already at the church but I had something better to do with some mates before the service and ended up coming very late, in the middle of the service actually. I had my sunday bests on but not properly dressed: white shirt untucked, loose tie and looked a bit messy (had been swimming before I came in). Right when I came in dad winked me to go with him to the backroom. I had to take of my belt and hand it over, bent over the desk and then I got some 5 or 6 licks over my slacks. Not really bad but the embarrassing moment was to join the service right after, shirt properly tucked in and looking just like just beeing spanked.

Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-05-27 14:23:14

In the 50s we went to religon class we had a priest who didnt take any bull from the kids, most of us were around 8-10. Talking was forbidden unless he asked you a question. We were assigned seats and every week we had to sit in our seats, this friend of mine and i had a problem being quiet along with other kids. When we got caught talking the priest came over to us and pulled us out of our seat, he would take one of us and make us bend over he would then put his hand around our waist and then he would spank one of us then after he was done he would take the other kid and do the same thing, we would then be sent to the back of the church until we stopped crying. When we returned to our seats he would write our name down in his book. If we got into trouble after being caught 3 times he would call us out of our seats grab us by our ears and twist our ears, he would lead us to the front of the class, twisting our ears he would make us drop our pants and bend over and grab our ankles, with our butts facing the classroom of boys and girls he would then spank us much harder than the first 3 times, the first 3 times we would recieve about 10 very hard spanks but we had our pants up but now we were being spanked on our briefs and he didnt stop until he was satisfied that we were well spanked, i was bending over while he was spanking my friend and i was getting scared, when he was finished with my friend he put his arm around my waist and just as he started spanking me i started crying by the time he was done i was crying like a little baby, i ran into the back room and cried and tried rubbing my butt. Now when i got home my dad already knew i was spanked he sent me to my room, when my dad came in behind me he asked me why did i get spanked, i told him how we were talking, dad then grabbed my arm even though i tried telling him my butt was still very sore, he pulled down my pants and my under pants took me over his knee and spanked me very hard even though my butt was already very sore it didnt matter he made sure i was well spanked.

Posted by jwalker93 on 2009-06-04 14:29:30

Yeah I figured I wasn't the first but otk with a hairbrush in this generation seems a bit wrong :( not to mention sometimes even at church I'll get it on the bare bottom and that really hurts not just while I'm getting my hinny busted but the seats are made of wood too so that really hurts.

Posted by Spanked @19 on 2009-06-18 05:47:42

I got it in the basement of our church two weeks ago. My mother took me downstairs for what she called an "attitude adjustment" after I said something she felt was not appropriate. The basement of the church is used a child care center and part Sunday school. My mother spoke to a young lady teacher and she pointed to her office. My mother yanked me pants down around my ankles and tan my butt over her knee. The door was closed, but I knew everyone could hear it. After my mother pulled me out with my face wet and redder than my butt, the lady teacher suggested my mother leave me with her next Sunday and she will make sure I behave. I knew what she meant, but so far, my mother has not left me with her. I did get spanked again later that day when we were at home.