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Christian boys and masturbation

A new Christian Perspective

Posted by lemeatit on 2013-07-21 15:18:12

The youth pastor at a church came to our school and talked with us about the Christian attitude towards $%!@ion. This is how I understood what he told us.

firstly there are two aspects that we need to look at this from. The first being the mis-interpretation of certain scriptures that led to the old idea that $%!@ion was sinful. This was based on the record of a guy called Onan in the old testament. (Sorry I can't remember where in the OT it was) But he told us that in the culture of the time, when Onan's brother died without having a child with his wife, it became Onan's duty to have sex with his sister in law and give her a child who would be heir to all that his brother left behind when he died. However, Onan did not want to make an heir for his brother so that he could get his brother's inheritance instead and so just before he shot his load he pulled out of his sister in law and "spilled his seed on the ground." For this God killed him for sinning and "wasting his seed." And it is from that the idea that $%!@ion is sinful came from in that $%!@ion is a form of wasting your seed. But the sin of Onan was not that he $%!@ed, but that he took measures to go against his responsibilities and wasted his seed rather than depositing it inside his sister in law to get her pregnant. The pastor pointed out that if $%!@ion was wasting seed, then so too would wet dreams over which all guys have no control and so we should all be struck down dead the first time we have some form of ejaculation, which obviously does not happen.

However, there is another aspect to all this which the pastor taught us too. He showed us the scripture where Jesus says that if a man just lusts after another man's wife he is guilty of committing adultery even though he has not had any physical sexual contact with that person. The pastor then said that most guys when they wank have some sort of sexual thoughts with it which we call fantasies. What he said about this was that we each need to decide but his interpretation of this is if our fantasies include doing something with someone that we actually know rather than just an imaginary person then we are doing wrong when we $%!@e, but if we can keep it to imaginary objects that is ok.

The one thing he also told is that all guys and as far as he was aware all girls also $%!@e at some stage in their lives and there is not a single male who is in or has gone through puberty that has not $%!@ed.

I wonder what others think of this. for me it was a bit immaterial because I go with guys as well which the church still condemns anyway.

Posted by MikeZ on 2013-07-22 21:32:19

Your pastor is right. There is nothing said about $%!@ion in the Bible, but if you $%!@e whilst fantasising about someone other than your partner (or someone who is with someone else), then you have the "adultery by thought" situatiion.