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Mixed Wrestling Stories

My wrestling experiences...

Posted by submit me on 2011-09-09 10:03:41

Mexican Male loses to korean female

I'll never forget my visit to korea. I went to a massage parlor to get a massage. I walked into the building and saw a wrestling mat on the floor. I asked the lady at the desk if they did private wrestling match. she said yes. She asked me which lady I like. 12 ladies surrounded me. One lady their did catch my eye and I pointed at her. You want to wrestle kim-soo. I said yes. Kim-soo bowed to me and went to go change. The receptionist walked me to the wrestling room. She asked if i'd like to warm up with her. I said ok. The receptionest was a thin lady about my height, 5 ft 3in. She took off her skirt and revealed a white french cut under. She had a black sports bra covering her breast. We both walked to the center of the mat and shook hands. I asked for her name and she said yong. She asked for mine and I said jose. We circled each other and then finally locked hands. To my surprise she bent my wrist back. I yelled in pain as I fell to my knees. She then released my hands and shoved my head between her skinny white creamy thighs. she fell to her right side and extended her legs and squeezed. I coughed violently as I laid on my back with my head between her legs. To finish the warm up, yong released me from the punishing head scissors and completed my warm with a reverse facesit. Just as she put me in the reverse facesit hold, my real opponent kim-soo enters the wrestling room and gasp in shock to see me underneath yong. Kim soo says something in Korean to yong, and they both start laughing. Then kim-soo counts me out in english 1,2,3 you out. Yong gets off me and places her size 6 foot over my chest with kim-soo raising Yong's right hand in the air. Yong says to me, you get up now and fight kim-soo. Yong grabs the skirt that she took off at the begining of our wArm up and leaves the room shutting the door. I get to my feet and walk to the center off the mat. kim-soo does the same. Stunned at kim-soo's beauty my eyes look at her up and down. kim-soo is my height,but has more meat and shape than yong. Kim-soo was wearing tight spandex shorts with a gray sports bra. Kim-soo"s shorts were so tight you could see a camel toe. I was wearing white spandex shorts with no shirt on. you ready I asked and she said yes. we immediately lock hands and tried to force each other down. We released eachothers hands and we both went to our needs to face off we lock hands again and couldn't get eachoter down we let go of eachothers hands. Then I did a stupid move that would give kim-soo the upper hand and eventually the victory. I closed my eyes and lauched between her thighs trying to grab both her legs I missed, because she moved to her left I landed on my stomach and she sat on my back. Kim-soo then dropped her shapely but 3 times on my back knocking the air out of me. then she through both her knees on top of my back causing more damage. she then wrapped her arms around my neck. My tongue hung out of my mouth as I gasped for air. Knowing I was in serious trouble, I pushed up with my arms with everything I had. She countered by wrapping her legs around my waist and turning me over to my back in a rear naked choke hold. I moaned in pain as this korean women was dominating me. Kim-soo realeased me from the hold and quicky managed to sit on my chest. then she unloaded 3 more shapely but drops to my chest. I tried to catch my breath she quickly face sat me. Her camel toe covered my nose and mouth cutting off my precous air supply. she shook her crouch in my face. Then she unloaded 3 more butt drops, but this time to my facee. she then sat back onto my neck. She quickly took my head, put it between her thighs, and put me in a sitting indian style head scissors. kim-soo looked into my eyes and gave me an evil smile, and then she quickly reverse sat my chest. She gave me another three butt drops Causing me to see stars. as I saw stars, I also saw her thighs wrap around my neck in a reverse head scissors I banged on the mat with my hands due to the tremendous pain I was in. she laughed in an evil way as I begged her to put me out. She then put me in a reverse facesit, I thought this was how it was going to end. Nope, she mercilessly gave me another 3 butt drops to my face.she then rolled toher rightside And put me in headscissors. I coughed violently as she squeezed. Yong and a few came running in the room to see what was up. my legs and arms were violently swing in the air trying to break kim-soo's headscissors. Then suddenly my body went limp and everything went dark When I woke up, both yong and kim-soo had theree right foots over my chest with both ladies flexing their biceps. The other ladies came in and took turns doing various victory poses. A few of them did the splits victory pose across my neck, which I find very sexy. A few of the practiced facesitting holds and scissorsholds. The last lady who practiced a facesit was 4ft 5in and she accidently koed me. I went back another time to wrestle her.it didn,t end in my favor. The end

Posted by submit me on 2011-10-14 07:21:33

Pinned by my female cousin

We had lots of entertainment at a family reunion. Some one had set up a home made wrestling ring. All sorts of familie members. I watched my mom scissor out my dad then pin him. I watched my aunts pin my uncles. Then my curvy female cousin michelle ask if I would take her on. I accepted.My cousin was chunky,about 5ft 2in 170lbs. I was 5ft 3in, 135lbs She had a very shapely body. She was wearing black spandex shorts and matching sports bra. I was wearing white spandex shorts no shirt. We stepped into the ring and faced off. My cousin quickly got me into a head lock and flipped me over her hip. She then landed a leg drop across my neck.She stood to her feet grabbed me by my hair and stood me to my feet. She irish mywhipped me to the rope and clothslined me. She went for the pin, but I managed to kick out.We both got to our feet and she grapbb my wrist and flipped me over. She then got behind me and put me in a fig 4 headscissors. She released the hold, grabbed my hair and stood me to my feet. She Irished whipped, and to my suprise she jumped in the air,wrapped her legs around my neck, and took me to my back. The impact had knock the air out of me as she straddled my neck. 1,2,3. My cousin stood up and placed her left size six foot on top of my chest and my ucncle raising her hand in victory.

Posted by submit me on 2011-10-16 05:25:20

Hispanic Aunt defeats hispanic nephew

I went to visit my aunt one day. We had had a nice day together. She treated me to lunch and bought me some clothes. The evening time came, and she bought us burger king. As we were eating, she told me I was fat and I got a little upset. I told her look at you. She got silent went to her room. I thought she had gone to bed About ten minutes later she comes out in a single piece black bathing suit. I looked at her funny and asked her If we were going swimming. She said, no, in my room son,we will go at it wrestling one on one. And I'm going to teach you some respect. I went to her room, and she locked the door. She had carpet on the floor of the room. My aunt is my height, 5ft 3in and we both weighed 150lbs My aunt had a little bit of a tummy, but I was nworried about hershapely butt and legs. We got down on our knees and face off. We locked hands and I easily took myaunt down. I got a quick facesit, but she used her legs and took me down in a painful headscissors. Next she reverse facesat me. I moaned under her butt as she punche my gut. She then put me in a painful reverse headscissors. I knew my aunt was out to put me out. I learned that night never to call a women fat,especially my aunt. Then the unthinkable happens. My aunt pulls off her bathing suit to reveal her nude body. Her virgina was shaven and smooth and she placed it over my nose and mouth. At that point I knew the match was over . I enjoyed the rosey scent of her virgina. Then she grinded her $%!@ into my nose. She koed me and dragged my body in the livingroom.

Posted by submit me on 2011-10-17 05:29:44

Losing to a Puerto Rican woman

One night after closing me and this women named Irma had to close the store. She was single and always flirted around with me. She knew my fantasy was wrestling women. She challanged me to a nude match. I of course accepted and we both went upstairs to the storage room. Their we both stripped down. Irma was a little on the chucky side but was verycurvy. She was 5ft 1in and 130. I am 5ft 3in 140. We made a bet. If she won, she could do what ever she wanted with me that night. Also, I would have to take her out to eat the rest of the week. If I won, she would take me out The match did last long. Irma yelled hiya and kicked me in the balls. I hunched over and that's when she shoved my head between her thighs.She fell to her right side and squeezed my head.I moaned in pain. I started to caress her cream smooth thighs and to like her. Then she put me in a reverse facesit. That's when I fell in love with her. She had spayed some kind of vanilla scent over her virgina. I layed motionles as she counted me out for the win. Next she grabbed some rope and hog tied me. She put her right foot over my ribs and raised her left hand in the air for the victory pose. She then gathered all my clothes and I cried Irma what are you doing. Don,t leave me here. She gave me and evil smile and took off. I wached her shake her butt as she walked away. Icried Irmahow about lunch. She ignored me. The next morning my boss found me in the storage room and I got fire.

Posted by submit me on 2011-10-20 08:46:49

Hispanic husband vs Redhead wife in a 15minute scissors Match.

I use to be married to a redhead named Elisa. She had Beutiful red hair and stood 4ft 11in and was 115lbs. I stood 5ft 3in and was 130lbs. She was wearing white thong underwear and I was wearing black spandex shorts. I remember that we had this match to settle a dispute over chores done in the house. Elisa didn't have much upper body strength, but she made up for it in her legs. The match took place on out queen size bed with red satin sheets on it. We had 15 minutes to see who could score the most scissors. Loser would have to amit they were wrong in the argument and do all chores for a month. I set the alarm for 15 minutes and we engaged in battle. I took my wife down easily, but she quickly wrapped her legs around my body. She led the match 1-0. I tried to pry her Thighs appart, but she had a good grip. Next, I managed to lift her body off the bed as she continued to scissor my body. I slammed her body onto the mattress 3 times hoping it would knock the air out of her, but it just tired me out. When she realized I had weakened myself she released the bodyscissor hold and slipped her white creamy thighs around my head. She led 2-0 with 11 minutes left in the match I moaned in pain as she squeezed my head. The she rolled to her side and put me in a right side headscissors. She now led 3-0. She taunted me saying, what struggling little man? I started coughing as she slowly squeezed me. Next she scissor rolled me numerous times and weakened me further. She then worked me into a figure four headscissors. Now she led 4-0 with only 7 minutes left. I was coughing violently and statring to feel faint. She taunted me saying that she owned me and that she was physically suprior. I started to remember a time when we wrestled in front of her sister and her sisters friend and she koed me with this same hold. That was a terrible night. We were demonstrating how to wrestle to them. The learned well. Next I had to wrestle her sister and she securd a win by facesitting me out. Anyway, that's a different story I will share later. Elisa the released the fig 4 headscissor and easily moved me into a reverse facesit. Her buns covered my face and her virgina covered my nose and mouth. I knew the end was near. Next, she put me in a reverse headscissors. The score was now 5-0. I screamed in pain as she kept me in that hold for the remainder of the match. The alarm went off and she still kept me in that hold till she koed me. When I came to, she did the splits across my neck with her virgina across the center of my throat.

She forced me to apologise and I did. She said good, argument settled. she got off me and left me sprawled out on the bed. It was another embarrassing loss to my now ex. I watched her leave the room and admired her thick butt and legs. Final sscore Elisa 5- me 0. Another victory for the ladies!