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Mixed Wrestling Stories

girl vs the guy 1

Posted by carfli on 2010-04-27 19:38:28


in the class, during the break time, everyone went out to the canteen to get something to eat..i forgot my money so went back to the class to get it from my bag....thats when i saw this guy and girl arguing over something...suddenly, JOE: Okay...next weekend, at my place...parents going for a short trip...come over and lets check out. ELIN: Fine ...get yourself done at your home...it'll be easier for you...

the guy noticed me on the door and pretended to be normal and started to leave..... but the girl stopped him, called me and said--"you're the witness in case he tries to act smart later..k?"..i said "fine, but what's the matter"...she said "he is saying some $%!@ and i want to prove him wrong...you'll know the full story on sunday.".... next sunday, we 3 met at his house....he had put aside some chairs and table to have a big space on the carpet in the hall...joe was 18yrs, 5"8, 127lbs, athletic and elin was also 18yrs, 5"6, 113lbs, slim athletic build with firm nice size breasts.... he was in his boxer briefs and she removed her jeans and t-shirt and was now in a bikini....she announced "we have a freestyle wrestling match...he believes he can force me to anything and i want to prove him wrong, starting with extracting a submission from him in a mutually decided wrestling match...the bet is--the winner gets anything the loser has or can give for the next 2 months....and you are the witness...but we want to keep it private so you keep your mouth shut outside about it..if one of us gets a hint, you understand the consequences i believe..." i nodded a yes feeling a bit scared now coz they were 2..moreover 1 was a girl...i came out of the thoughts and asked them both to wrestle...elin said to joe "i'll make sure no one of us thinks it is a fluke and you are really sorry when you give in..!" joe just said "lets see..." and the match started...he lunged at her straightaway..but she sidestepped a bit and grabbed his neck with her left hand in a headlock...then she immediately put her right hand under his lower abdomen and lifted and slammed him to the ground on his back using his own momentum..and she was on top of him in a reverse face-sit...she brought up his legs in a cradle pin ...but he had hands free so he twisted a bit and got free...but i could see the surprise and frightened look on his face now...they stood face to face again and locked their hands in a test of strength...she went down on one knee, fighting hard and the suddenly was on her back forcing joe flying back over her...he fell on his back again...she quickly reverse somersaulted twice to reach on top of him and sat on his stomach...he got up coz she couldnt position herself well in the short time...he tried to grab her in a bearhug...she dodged and got one of his arms twisted behind his back..while he tried to turn and get free, she moved with him and kept the hold firmly locked and twisted it hard twice ...she asked for submission but he didnt give in....she left his arm and then pushed him to the floor and put him in a leg lock...it wasnt applied properly so he was hurt as well as she couldnt get the submission as he got free...they tackled each other hard when he finally and sat on her stomach...he leaned back a little to get a better balance when suddenly her legs caught his head in a headscissors...he was shocked, she was a little surprised and i was impressed..good move..while he was trying to struggle out, she said to me "got to know about this hold a few days back..its helping....nice na?" i just nodded thinking that how this girl was talking sweetly with me and being merciless to him at the same time....but he managed to struggle out soon....they were grappling again while rolling on the carpet and she finally got a firm position on top of him and kept him down...then she kissed him full on the mouth and asked him "how do you like this , baby? ....and i'm not talking about the kiss...about the position you're in !like it?? no? okay get up....lets do some more wrestling...i give you one more chance!!"............she really was giving him a chance coz she could have finished it right then..!they grappled more and finally he got her in a bearhug....she tried to break free and in the process, brought him down to the carpet with her.... on the carpet, they were rolling with each other when she suddenly slid up him a little and pulled his face into her breasts...before he could recover from the surprise she entwined her legs around his in a grapevine...i sensed that was the end...she put pressure on his legs and crotch with the grapevine's stretch, and left him with little air with the breast smother while holding his hands above his head,...he was completely immobilised..thats when she said again "this is a girls move and good enough to make you submit..heh" she was giving him little air from time to time to make sure he didnt pass out and to free his mouth to mumble out the submission coz he couldnt tap out!....she taunted "oh come on baby, cant get out?so you lost to a girl..hmm??" this only made joe struggle more and become short of breath(exactly what elin wanted) ......joe replied "$%!@ you, i havnt lost yet".....elin said "1.....2.........3...and you're pinned by this girl!!!" joe said, "no pins allowed girl."..elin replied "yeah boy...so how about i simply make you submit, hmm?" and she put some more pressure on the grapevine and joe began struggling and mumbling under the breast smother....elin released the pressure, got up a bit and said "what joey? wanna say something?" and she left his arms free but pinned down his shoulders and then applied some more pressure on the grapevine she had placed him in..joe said "okay..okay...now leave" while tapping with his hand at the same time....elin said "say properly, i didnt get you" and applied some more pressure....joey shouted "okay elin....i give...you win..." and tapped hard on the carpet....elin said "now thats like a good boy..." and hugged him into one last breast smother while grapevining him and when he struggled again, she released him of both the holds...he panted while she simply stood up and looked down at him, "now come to me and say some nice things...hope you know what or i know some more nice holds ..." he started limping towards her when she said, "dont stress your legs....just crawl to me and kiss my feet..." he obeyed and then said, "elin...i got your point... you win...i lose.." she brushed him aside with her foot and went to change meanwhile, he also dressed up.....when she returned, she walked straight up to him and placed her hand on his crotch, looked him in the eye, and said, "try to act smart again...i'll try to give you a better dose..!!and remember, for 2 months, your first priority is ELIN MAM..got it??" and squeezed his balls as he stammered a "yes elin mam.." a moment later her hand was on my crotch...seeing the recent show, i didnt resist...she said, "you too...you are just a witness....you wont do anything but i wanna let you know what happens just in case you decide to ...." and squeezed mine too a little....i said "yeah.." and she took me out of the house with her and then went to her own house....

this was real crazy for both of us though maybe not that much for me...but it was .!!

Posted by rondokenpo on 2010-05-18 04:32:37

My wife and I wrestle frequently. Sometimes we even will settle small disputes with a winner takes all match. When my wife was in college studying nursing, she competed in womens deadlifting divisions in the heavywieght division. My wife stands 5'09" and weighs in at195lbs. She has a great body and really excites me just to look at her. Needless to say I enjoy our wrestling matches. About one year ago my great aunt had passed away. I was not close to her and saw her maybe once every two or three years. So it was understandable when she had passed that I found out she had left me a large amount of cash in her will, I was shocked. My wife and I share everything so I split the money with her and told her to go wild and do whatever she wants with the money. She decide to go to a casino one state over and spend 5 days with her bf there. I don't like gambling and find casinos boring so I spent my share on a 1964 Chevy Impala SS convertable. My wife liked it so much, (it was completly restored) she callenged me to a wrestling match to drive the car on her trip with her bf. If she wins-she uses the car for her trip. If I win she agrees to 7 days of, well she knows what I want. Her friend CeeCee agreed to be the referee, this is the first time we had a referee and my wife, unknown to me, had been telling CeeCee about our matches and she had shown an interest in watching one. Now she was going to be closer than ever. My wife and CeeCee was leaving Friday night and we had to have the match on Thursday or before they left on Friday. CeeCee coudn't make it onThur. so we had the match after I got home from work on friday. When I got home, my wife being the "busy bee" that she is, already cleared our exercise room and put down grappling mats. CeeCee had on a ref shirt and spandex bike shorts for her costume. My wfe and I both wore costumes when we wrestled, hers was a spandex black and yellow wrestling singlet and my suit was a black and red singlet. Her name she used was the "Honey Bee" mine I used was the exterminator, playing off her Bee themed name. After I got home , CeeCee met me at the door and brought me to our bedroom where my costume and knee pads were layed out for me. After dressing she brought me to our exercise room where my wife was waiting in her Honey Bee suit with one elbow pad on her right and one black and one yellow knee pad. CeeCee went over what we agreed to, winner take all and this was going to be a "Cry Uncle" match- no pins allowed, and you can only submit by saying Uncle. CeeCee started the match my wife reached out to grab hands for a test of strengh. And boy she usually was able to put me on my knees, so I side stepped to her right and grabbed her around the waist from behind and drove her to the mat. I grabbed her left foot and leg and applied a heel and ankle lock. She screamed in pain and CeeCee was right there asking if she wanted to say Uncle and stop the pain. She loudly shouted "NO". Then before I even heard the word come out of her mouth, she lifted her body off the mat into a pushup position, except for the heel and ankle lock which I had locked in very tight, and kicked me wth her free foot in my right cheek, forcing me to release the hold and knocking me backwards onto my back very very hard. I let out a loud "OOOOHHH" and a very loud thwack when I hit the mat. I fell right in front of a sofa that was also a bed/sofa that we used If we had company stay with us. I seen my wife as I landed, jumping on the sofa sitting directly over me before I even landed on my back. She the pushed her self into the air above me and landed right on my solar plexes Knocking the wind out of me. She then took the same position and looking down looked into my eyes smiled and vaulted herself of the sofa again and again onto my solar plexes. She giggled as she heard the air forced out of my lungs. Two more Big Splashes onto my solar plexes and she stood up, grbbed my hair and lifted me off the mat while lifting my head up by placing her other hand under my chin and then clothes lined me back onto the mat in the middle of the room. CeeCee knelt down beside me and with a very concerned look asked me if I wanted to say "Uncle". Being short of breath and gasping for air I quivered out my answer of "nnnoooo". While I was telling the ref I didn't want to submit to my wife, I noticed her walking around to myleft side, reached down grabbed my left foot and leg, placing her left foot against my right leg just above my knee and fell backwards onto her beautifull rearend, splitting my legs apart by pushing on my right leg with her leg and in a rowing motion leaning back and pulling my left leg while pushing my other leg apart. I tried to sit up but she tourqed my foot in the other direction forcing me back onto the mat again. I then attempted to roll toward her to releave the pressure but she put her free foot into my arm pit and held me there. She then began to increase the rowing motion to greater and greater lenghts and then I began screaming in agony, the first time she had been able to to that. With each rowing motion my legs came apart wider and wider and wider. With each pull my screams became more cosistant. Again CeeCee was right there asking if I wanted to say "Uncle". Tears filled my eyes and before I knew what I was saying I realized I was screaming "YES, YES, YES, UNCLE, UNCLE, PLEASE, NO MORE, UNNCCLLLE"!!! My wife then realeased me and for the first time she beat she stood up and stood on my chest, not with one foot but both feet. She had never done that before. CeeCee raised my wifes hand in victory while she stood on my chest, and they both looked down and into my eyes while my wife said. "I kicked his $%!@" "Did you see that? "I sure did" the ref said, then they both changed and my wife gave me a peck on the cheeck and then I heard the door shut and my knew car start up and the tires squealled down the sreet as my wife pushed the pedal to the floor. When she gets back I want revenge!!!

Posted by Fightme on 2017-08-13 19:16:45

This is a 100% true story. Anyone familiar with stories here can probably tell, Im not making it up. I was 19 at the time. I met a girl 15. She was with her friends, I was with one of mine. Anyhow, this girl was HOT. 5'7, 118lbs, Long dark brown hair and a body that was amazing. She was a virgin but at the point where she was wanting to try sex. Anyhow, I had (have) this wrestling fetish and was dying to wrestle with her. Well, one day she was telling me about a time she had wrestled this guy friend of hers and that she won. I was instantly intrigued. I started to joke with her about wrestling here and there. Once we were on the phone and I mentioned her wrestling her friend. I teased her a bit, and her response was..."Id pin your $%!@ to the ground." I instantly moved on that and kinda laughed. I said,,,anytime you wanna try, Ill wrestle ya. She was like, fine, lets do it. I said,,,ok, by MY wrestling rules? She laughed and was like,,,whatever. What are your rules? I said, you have to wear some real skimpy shorts. First one to pin and facesit the other wins! I thought for sure she would say forget it, but she kinda laughed and said fine. Youre on!!! (I was sooooo fkn excited.) Jumping ahead, about a week later we got a motel room for the first time. One of those 4 hr nap rooms. After kissing and fooling around in our clothes, she was like,,,"Hey, I thought we are gonna wrestle." I laughed and sid fine, but your not wearing the shorts. She was like, I'll be right back. She went into the bathroom with her purse and came out a few minutes later with a halter top on, and a pair of those shiny tight shorts. Kinda like the Hooters girls wear. But, they were black. VERY tight. I was floored and hard immediately. She kinda laughed and said,,,well? Lets go! I put the blanket on the floor and took off my pants. We both knelt, facing each other and she said GO! We started wrestling. I admit she was very strong. I was like 5'10, 150lbs at the time, but she was good. I'll admit, I wasnt trying my hardest, but she was fkn tough. After a few minutes, she had me on my back, and straddled my chest with her knees on my arms. It was really cute. She was really trying hard. I can tell. She moved up slightly and was sitting on my neck, kind of giggling. She asked if I gave. I was like Nope! Thats not the deal. She laughed and was like,,,Ok!!!! She moved up and sat her crotch right on my face. I was sooooo turned on. She sat up stright and just stayed there laughing. Asked me if I gave now. I again said no and somewhat struggled. She fought me back and moved up again, sitting her butt right on my nose and face. I could smell her light scent. A slight perspiration smell but really nice. I tried to turn my face but she closed her thighs so I couldnt turn. I started to really struggle and move her off of me. This time, she pushed me back on my back, then turned and facesat me in the 69 position. Her butt was right on my nose, my arms held down at my sides, with her knees on my elbows. She satt there for about 5 minutes as I struggled. Occasionally she would lift her butt up and ask me if I gave. I could see the outline of her panties when she did that. The purple elastic poking out the sides of her shorts. Then, shed sit back down, moving around until her butt was right on my nose again. Finally, I said I give. She laughed and said...I told you I coud kick your $%!@. Needless to say, that was the first night she ever had sex and lost her virginity. We repeated that night many times after that. Wrestling every time. Usually in underwear or nude until we had sex. I still bump into her now n then. She's married now with a daughter. She s still very pretty and her body hasnt changed. I only wish I never moved away! She was a keeper. This is a 100% true story. I always wanted to share it and decided today I would. Hope you enjoy!

Posted by cyril59 on 2018-03-29 21:59:18

Hi my name is Cyril me and my sister really like watching wrestling together so when ever there is a wrestling show in or near London we both try are best to go and see the show i would say we both have been going to shows now together for about ten years and we both really love the shows.After one show about a year ago on are way back home i said to my sister i wished could have been a wrestler and she told me she had wished also.So i said to my sister for fun if we had a mixed wrestling match together who do you think would win she said don't be silly you know i would because i'm a lot bigger and stronger which she is but then i said that does not mean anything so she said what i think your trying to say you went to have a match with me i said no i was just wondering so your chicken and this went on for a month or so my sister calling me names every time she so me so finely i said yes to a match.So the match was going to be at my place a month after we decided so we both did not see each other for a full month as we both had not done anything like this before so when it came the day about a week ago my sister came around to my place round about 10am so she helped me clean out the front room so we could have the match on the carpet.we first had to make the rules so we both known what we could do and not do so we both decided there would be no time limit the winner would be the one that give in and says your won and you know who's going to be the winner that me and i told my sister that before we started the match so that's what you think so the match started we were both standing up my sister got me into a nice headlock after a min or so i some how manage to break free and get my sister into a nice backhammer putting her arm right up her back and she started screaming your going to break my arm and i said yes i will if you do not submit and i paid for it for saying that she manage to get out of the hold and got me down on my belly and got my right arm and put it up my back and i started to scream in pain then she started to jump on my arm which made my arm more painful then she got me on my feet and still with my right in a backhammer she picked me up and slammed me to the carpet which was really painful so i rolled around the carpet for a min or so in pain before getting up my sister went straight for my right arm again and started twisting my arm then put me into another backhammer and slammed me again on the carpet this time i had enough i saw in so much pain if i carry on i think my sister would have broken my arm.We are both still good friend sand still go to watch wrestling match's together and i know one day very soon i will be giving my sister Avril a return match

Posted by RayCasey on 2019-03-19 19:05:43

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