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Girls- Have you ever stripped a guy?

Depantsed and Stripped by Girl Gang

Posted by Ron2cool on 2018-07-03 00:26:36

I am a guy, and when I was at school I was reguarly humiliated by a group of pretty girls, most of whom were in my class. At first, it was just verbal abuse and mean sexual taunting, but this quickly developed into physical abuse, kicking and slapping, and having drinks poured over my head. In the classroom, the girls would bend over a desk, pull down my jeans and heart boxers, and spank my bare $%!@ in front of the whole class, resulting in my humiliation as I was laughed at by my classmates. Eventually, the girls took to stripping me naked, usually in front of a large crowd of girls who wanted to watch. They would tie my hands and ankles together so I couldn't move at all. Then the girls would pull all my clothes off and leave me naked for anything up to an hour, sometimes longer, while they laughed and jeered at me, and played with my goods. They would taunt me, kick me and slap me, and make fun of my name. The girls would also write on me with their lipstick and marker pens. And finally after they had completely stripped me and left me with a bloody shirt and face, the girls would lather my face and chest up with their kisses, leaving my body covered in dark red kiss marks. The girls would then leave me tied up until a group of girls walked by and was kind enough to put my clothes back on, take care of me, and untie me.