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School Public Caning

Female teachers spanking boys bare

Posted by Barry123 on 2010-01-21 11:37:28

At my primary/elementary school where most teachers were female we boys were usually spanked over our pants in front of our mixed class or taken to a private room where they took our pants and underpants down for the spanking. Girls were rarely if ever spanked. This was up to age eleven. I am sure that many of these female teachers enjoyed spanking and baring the boys, especially in private where they would lecture us before the spanking while standing exposed in front of them and would be staring at our $%!@es while doing so. Did anyone else have this experience at their school? Sometimes they would bring a girl from our class, or a young female teacher's assistant as a witness. It was very embarassing having to stand exposed and spanked in front of these witnesses.

Posted by metalheaders on 2010-04-23 15:00:49

Its Embarrasing...My Experience Was Caned On Buttocks wearing tight school shorts..caned in private rooms by young female teachers in view of group of girls.. and i can hear giggles..

Posted by pushkin1 on 2010-12-14 10:17:04

Yes, our mixed school was equally unfair in the treatment of boys and girls. Girls were treated with kid gloves, while boys were subjected to a quite severe regime of discipline. Our young French teacher in particular seemed to take particular pleasure in daily administering a range of humiliating an painful punishments to the boys in her class, while girls got away with murder. These included lines and other written punishments, detention, corner time, hand slaps, the tawse and regular canings. On a regular basis she would march down to my school desk, have me stand up and proceed to grill me on my irregular verbs. When I gave her a wrong answer, she would slap me hard across the face and then continue with the grilling. After the grilling, when my cheeks were scarlet red, she would then assign me a thoroughly rotton written punishment - verb tenses and a large quantity of lines to write out for her after school. On some occasions, despite spending several hours writing for her after school, I just found it impossible to complete her written punishment. That was always a mistake, as in her next class, she would take me out in front of the class and proceed to give me six or twelve strokes of the cane across the bottom. It was always so humiliating being caned in front of the class - in particular in front of the girls - who regularly s$%!@ed as the strokes were delivered. After the caning, I would receive a detention - in which I would have to complete my teacher's written punishment.

Posted by rushab on 2011-01-01 20:04:49

Boys understand the language of cane only,girls are very delicate so there is notthing wrong in caning boys only.Like home punishment in school also boys sd be caned in nude in front of girls.Humiliation of being caned in presence of giggling girls is very effective way to correct boys

Posted by docmalk on 2012-04-05 15:32:10

I find that very sexist and havepersonal knowledge of how unfair boys' are treated. At my school the games master would slipper us almost daily. The most humiliating was when he slippered about 20 of us in a row , with the girls looking through the window ! We were caned by the headmaster frequently ! for mInor offences , Girls were largely immune from punishment , even if they had commited the same offence as a boy ! AS A RESULT THEY TRIED HARD TO GET US CANED ! How can RUSHAB think this fair !!