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School Public Caning

Public Canings

Posted by Dotcl on 2009-11-05 16:45:30

Hi Holly,

I knew that I would not be expelled. I was only and I say only to receive a Headmistress' caning.

Are you happy with the way Miss Clarke is behaving? I don't know if you haven't had time to reply to her question, or is it you don't fancy playing with her?

Am I being too strict for you?

Any news on the other front?


Posted by Dotcl on 2009-11-05 16:55:11

Hi Jenny,

I hope you are still my chum.

I couldn't let you leave school, I would miss you.

How am I doing as Miss Clarke? I am trying to make her as realistic as possible and very much like a schoolmistress in the 60's.

I hope you are enjoying our little role play. I know I am.

I shall leave it up to you and Mike to decide what, if any punishment to administer. It really depends on your mood at the moment. Let me know if anything happens.

The problem is that I am having fun and I am not sure when Dorothy is going to return to school.

I am not sure where you are, but at least I brought some sunshine back with me to my part of the world.

Your good chum, Dotty

Posted by Dotcl on 2009-11-05 17:01:20


Thanks for the invite, but I am a respectable (well not all respectable) married woman. I don't think David would approve.

You asked for questions so I would like the details of both your last encounter with receiving a caning and administering one.

That is your starter for 10. Strokes that is.



Posted by Dotcl on 2009-11-05 18:53:22


I am awaiting your response to my question.

Miss Clarke

Posted by School Prefect on 2009-11-05 19:58:09


Wow. Let me think on these. By the end of this very weekend those very accounts might be somewhat different!! Anyway, dealing with the now.

I am amused by the term "RL". Assume real life. I haven't heard that before. Possibly because these experiences and indulgences today are all real life for me and since the age of 6-7 always have been. If they are not, or partially not for you, may I wholehardly suggest you embrace the ideas in your mind as this field truly makes "vanilla" a very poor cousin. Don't merely dream, do it.

The last caning I gave was a submissive girl called Stephanie. A cute, mousey blonde hair, short, little bit tubby. The advantage is that her larger than average bottom meant an extensive hand-spanking beforehand. The more you spank beforehand the harder you can cane later. In between 6-12 strokes at a time, I would then have her pause in the middle of the room. Naked, legs apart, hands on here head. Looking me in the eye like a wounded puppy. I allowed her time to recover except that in between inspections the much gentler and sensual punishments involved her breasts and her vaginal lips. No cane but a black leather whip with rough suede edges. So, so gently tapping the strands between her legs right on her clitoris and taking many minutes to build up until it was really quite hard. Sometimes placing the full strands between her labia and applying pressure upwards, back and front by gripping with both hands either side (in front and behind). From this back to caning and back to this again. A wonderful two hours. Towards the end she orgasmed, really quite loudly, as I whipped her ever the harder on her clitoris. Quite beautiful to see her reaction of acute pleasure to what I can only guess as acute pain. She took, I can't actually remember but at least 40+ strokes, quite possibly 65 or so of the cane. That in addition to spanking; flogging; and cropping. Detail of the breasts later.

Must dash, part two later.