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Barefoot at a friends house?


Posted by Anonymousguy on 2009-08-27 04:04:02

heh, thats pretty clever. only thing ive done is said something when my socks were wet or dirty. i might just try that next time i visit. thx

Posted by aquamermaid on 2009-08-28 17:11:53

if I go to anyones house and they ask me to remove shoes and socks i would remove my shoes but not socks I would just tell the owner that I have a foot fungus and the doctor said it is extremely contagous therefore i cant go barefoot becouse youll catch it

Posted by Mihart on 2014-04-21 07:48:34

I moved schools once and I made a friend. Last winter she invited me to her house (I'm a girl by the way) and I arrived wearing uggs and a pair of new socks. When I came in the house her parents told me to take my footwear off. I took my uggs off and walked a few steps with socks on when her parents told me that "You must take socks off too. We have slippery floors and you might slip if you are wearing socks, besides, barefeet are better too". I like being barefoot but I also love the feeling of new socks on my feet, so I told my friend's parents that I will be careful. A few hours later me and my friend were watching a movie. We were sitting on a couch and there was a fur carpet around it. I was wearing those kind of thick winter socks, and wearing those in combination with them touching the warm carpet meant my feet were really hot. I just felt like my feet were on fire, so I ripped the socks off my feet and threw them on the floor. A few minutes later my friend's parents saw my barefeet and told me "you did the right thing" and took the socks off the floor and put them next to my uggs. I spent the rest of the day barefoot, even when at night it got pretty cold I still liked walking around barefoot around the house. I was enjoying it so much that the next day when I left I forgot I was even wearing socks when I arrived the previous day. When I went to put my uggs on I saw the socks next to them and thought that they were my friend's socks. I put my uggs on my barefeet and left.

Posted by canadiangurl941 on 2015-06-12 17:59:41

Posted by GarethM-UK on 2009-06-25 18:18:05 I have a friend who has a strict "bare feet in the house" rule.

Whenever I go round his house, I have to take my shoes and socks off at the door, and they get stored in a small cupboard.

All his family are in bare feet inside too, and I really don't mind as I always take my shoes and socks off at my own home too, as I love being in barefeet

Funny thing is, although I don't mind taking my socks off in her house, some of her other friends do. I remember one day 3 of us called round her house after school and when we were invited in, her dad said "OK girls, can you take your socks off please - it's house rules!".

I just took socks off without thinking about it, but the other two were reluctant and asked why. Her dad just said they were the rules for everyone, and if they didn't agree they would have to wait outside. One of the two just shrugged and took her socks off and handed them over, but the other really didn't want to take her socks off.

So her dad said he would allow it this one time, but was unhappy at having his rules broken.

Anyway, later in the evening we were having such a laugh in bare feet, that the girl in the socks said she was going to the toilet, then when she came back, she'd taken her socks off too!

Posted by Aboss191 on 2016-11-24 11:13:09

I have several friends who have a "barefoot" rule. We are not even allowed to put our shoes and socks on to go outside. This is a good rule to have. I even walk home barefoot from my friends house in Winter time.