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Barefoot at a friends house?


Posted by GarethM-UK on 2009-06-25 18:18:05

I have a friend who has a strict "bare feet in the house" rule.

Whenever I go round his house, I have to take my shoes and socks off at the door, and they get stored in a small cupboard.

All his family are in bare feet inside too, and I really don't mind as I always take my shoes and socks off at my own home too, as I love being in bare feet!

Sometimes if we go outside to play, we won't bother putting our shoes and socks back on - it just feel better to be in bare feet.

Funny thing is, although I don't mind taking my socks off in his house, some of his other mates do. I remember one day 3 of us called round his house after school and when we were invited in, his dad said "OK lads, can you take your socks off please - it's house rules!".

I just took socks off without thinking about it, but the other two were reluctant and asked why. His dad just said they were the rules for everyone, and if they didn't agree they would have to wait outside. One of the two just shrugged and took his socks off and handed them over, but the other lad really didn't want to take his socks off.

So his dad said he would allow it this one time, but was unhappy at having his rules broken.

Anyway, later in the evening we were having such a laugh in bare feet, that the lad in the socks said he was going to the toilet, then when he came back, he'd taken his socks off too!

After that, all 3 of us just take shoes and socks off whenever we go round there now, and the lad who had socks on before has even started taking his shoes and socks off in his own house.

I later asked his dad why he was so strict about the "bare feet in the house" rule, and he explained that there were several reasons, including the fact that the floors are polished wood and slippy in socks, and that young lads socks often stink (which is why the socks are stored in a cupboard by the door), and simply because he believed that bare feet are better and healthier, and that since all the family must be in bare feet, it wouldn't be fair to allow visitors to wear socks.

I think this is a very good rule, and I wish my parents would have a bare feet rule too. Though I always tell my mates they have to take shoes and socks off in my house anyway.

Posted by markjones99uk on 2009-06-30 18:45:15

That all seems reasonable to me. We have a strict "shoes and socks off in the house" rule too. Always have, even when I was a child.

Now I have my own family, I insist on the same rules. The kids have to take their shoes and socks off when they come in and leave them by the door. The same goes for any friends they invite in.

We have this rule, both to keep the floor clean, and also because I believe that bare feet are better for you. I'm sure some lads would never take their socks off otherwise!

We sometimes get the odd reaction and some reluctance, but mostly people don't seem to mind. Indeed, many people (especially young people) get the message straight away when they see the piles of discarded shoes and socks by the door, and are happy to strip their socks off and stay in bare feet.

And after they've been around a few times, they just take their socks off without thinking about it or having to be prompted.

Occasionally an adult visitor will raise a strong objection, and we will allow them in provided they at least take their shoes off first, but this is very rare.

If anything, I think such house rules are becoming more common - most other parents I know have a similar "shoes and socks off" rule, at least for their own family and kids anyway.

It's really a non-issue, I just ask visitors politely if they would remove their socks when they come in (most people take shoes off automatically when they enter) and my kids know to ask their mates to do the same. Frankly, they love being in bare feet anyway, and can't wait to tear their socks off, often flinging them into some random corner to be forgotten about, which can make it difficult to go hunting for them when they need to leave. Especially if they are all wearing similar style socks (my kids and all their mates all tend to wear plain black ankle socks) which can lead to some amusing confusion!

Posted by aquamermaid on 2009-07-23 04:41:49

I understand the shoes off rule but asking guest to take their socks off I think is rude. Im one of those people who feel more comfortable with socks on and uncomfortable without socks. I bring an extra clean pair of socks that has never been worn b4 everywhere I go to change into in case I run In the situation with barefoot house rules the owner dont accept that i dont go in

Posted by Anonymousguy on 2009-08-21 18:56:53

i want to be able to go barefoot at my friend's house because it would be more comfortable but they don't have a barefoot rule so i usually just wear my socks. i want to be able to take my socks off but i would feel very nervous saying "can i take my socks off too?" so i wont do that. i want to have a way so my friend's parents would make me take off my socks. the only ways i have thought i could do that is if i got my socks really soaking wet or muddy but then they would probably end up washing them anyway. does anyone have a way that i would be forced to take off my socks at my friend's house?

Posted by GarethM-UK on 2009-08-26 18:37:51

There are loads of things you can try if you want your friend's parents to start a "barefoot in the house" rule. If you don't mind talking to your friend about it, why not just ask him? Say something like "I think your parents should make it a rule to take socks off in the house". You might find that your friend agrees with you and would also like the rules to be "bare feet in the house". I'm sure if your friend asked his parents, they would agree.

If you are not comfortable speaking to your friend, then try this trick I used to get a friend's parents to start a socks-off rule (only works if you have wood flooring). Go round your friends house when his parents are home, and take your shoes off when you enter. Then pretend to "slip" on the wooden floor in your socked feet, and explain to his parents that the floors are very slippy.

When I tried it, I also said to my friend's parents that it was like being in the gym in school, where socked-feet are not allowed because the polished wood floor is too slippy to run around in, and so we have to take socks off and stay in bare feet.

When my friend's parents heard that, they said "I think you should take your socks off when you come in then" and I said I thought that was a very good idea.

My plan worked too, because they said it should be a rule for my friend too, as they didn't want him "breaking his neck running around the house in socks" so from then on it was the rules to take shoes and socks off at the door.

My friend wasn't very happy at the time, as he liked staying in socks at home, but he soon got used to taking his socks off when he comes in, and now loves it. The rule is set for any of his other friends too - if his parents are home when his other friends call round, they just politely ask them to take their socks off when they come in.