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First time Masturbating (guys only)

first time

Posted by nude1 on 2018-01-14 17:56:21

I was13 when I $%!@ed for the first time.

Posted by early one on 2018-03-25 02:50:51

I was 5. Figured it out by accident. I had been getting erections for over a year. One time, I decided to touch myself down there. That felt really, really good so I kept doing it. Within seconds, I felt this extremely intense & wonderful feeling building up inside of me. It became so intense that I couldn't handle it, so I stopped touching myself. But the feelings kept getting stronger & stronger until my entire body started to convulse from each wave of extreme pleasure. Seconds later, the feelings reached such an intense peak that I nearly fainted. I had just experienced my first dry orgasm!

I had no idea what had just happened to me, but I knew that I wanted to feel that wonderful feeling again - as soon as possible! So, I started touching myself again. Within a few seconds, I felt that strange but wonderful feeling building up again. But this time I didn't stop. Seconds later, I experienced an even more intense dry orgasm.

I was worried that it may be a one-time deal, so I did it again. Sure enough, the wonderful feeling returned! I gave myself that wonderful feeling 10 times in a row! I was really happy to learn that I could give myself such a wonderful feeling whenever I wished, and as many times in a row as I wished. And I did so at every opportunity throughout my childhood years! I was a very happy little kid! :D

Posted by connor.melton on 2018-04-11 00:47:46

I was three or four and figured it out in the bathtub. I was a happy kid too!