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Discipline for adult daughters

Adult daughters

Posted by Rosahip on 2016-10-02 21:44:28

Hi Anne This type of punishment is very rare these days I think? I most certainly don't tell my friends I'm punished like this and have avoided past boyfriends finding out as well. This has been stressful and one of many reasons I hate the strict way I have been reared! However in a strange way, I do feel I'm a better person for the parental discipline I have received throughout my life. I accept my mothers rules and know that I will be punished if I don't obey them. No question. This is how I have been taught! It is very rare now that I have the cane but it is always a possibility if I displease my mum! I hate the anticipation, unknowing, whether or not I will be caned for something. These days I get let off most the time as I'm older now bit certain things I really have to keep an eye on like curfew, talking back etc. every couple of weeks sounds very harsh? Is it your farther or mother that spanks? Are you mainly hand smacked or do you get belt, cane sometimes?

The cane hurts a lot and the marks are so terrible!


Posted by Rosahip on 2016-10-03 22:30:27

Hi Anne

From an early age I grew up in a strict house hold with my mum at the top of the tree. From her point of view I have not been the easiest kids to bring up as I was always in trouble at school and out of school. Her discipline has always been strict progressing from hand spankings over the knee, the belt, and then the cane. This, I know is how she was brought up and has continued herself what she experienced from my grandmother. The reason I accept it still at my age is I really have no other option at the moment to move out of our home as I have large debt which is only going to be written off if I not paying rent etc which I really appreciate my mum being able to help. As I said it's very rare I get the cane now (3 months ago) more or less! So it's not something I think about much just know if I break house rules, spend too much money going out or clothes then there is a chance I'll be bending over.
It makes me feel a better person as I know I really do try to keep to the rules and avoid getting the cane. So in this view, the punishment I receive for not obeying, really does work and makes me feel a better person. How do you feel about your dad punishing you? I have only had my mum around so have never ha a male punish me and I know I would hate that. Especially if bare bottom. Mum usually let's me keep my knickers on! How are you usually spanked? Is it mainly maintenance spankings you get then?


Posted by Becky34 on 2016-10-04 10:56:40

Hi Rosa and Anne

I am a somewhat unusual case. I was never caned when I was growing up but now I am in my 30s I get caned about twice a year as therapy to relieve stress and pent up feelings of guilt.

I have to bend over a couch and the therapist canes my bottom usually 6-12 strokes increasing in strength and the good cry afterwards enables me to release the tension which causes me problems. Talking therapies just didn't work.

Anne - how do you decide if you need a caning? Do you have to bend over something. I assume that if it is your dad punishing you - you keep your trousers on when you bend over.


Posted by LondonChris81 on 2016-10-05 17:33:30

Hi Becky,

I've never been caned but the idea of therapy caning is very interesting.

How long does it relieve your stress for? And are you able to sit the next day or is it too painful?


Posted by Becky34 on 2016-10-10 10:24:06


I tried various forms of talking therapy but they didn't work and read about therapy caning on the net.

It took a lot of courage to make an appointment and go through with it but it helped me. It started to work for 3 months then longer 6 months or so and I have now been OK for over 6 months.

Sitting is not that painful. I always get caned on a Friday so I have an extra 2 days before work!