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Discipline for adult daughters

Adult daughters

Posted by punishedinprivate on 2009-09-08 03:25:42

I had to repost after my husband read the original post. After I fix this I will be receiving my first punishment witht he cane for lying about his punisments and for leaving out all the information. My FIL started the nudity and spanking before entering 5 months ago because I was snoping and stealing money from them. I took several hundreds of dollars over 2 years and I received a very long and painful whipping from him after he caught me and I confessed. I deserve the humiliation and punishment I receive each time I go over there.

I am a more mature daughter and wife (35)and I am disciplined and punished by my husband, my father and my father in law. I was married at 32 and before that my father was my sole disciplinarian. When I became engaged a month before the wedding my husband began to help with my discipline.

My husband has the main authority over me but if my father or fil is the authority present then they are to take care of me accordingly. I do receive daily maintenance spankings from my wonderful husband to help keep me in line and focused but I unfortunately am not the most well behaved and submissive wife as I should be and I am punished and disciplined just about daily as well.

My father is the easiest of them all and he will only whip me with the belt and not as long and hard as my husband.

My father in law is worse thatn my father. I am whipped with the belt and the cane by him as well as long corner time and he has used enemas and diapers as well.

After I was caught snoping and stealing money from my in laws------

I also had a new rule put in place in his home 5 months ago. When I come over I am to undress completely and stand in the corner in the front porch until my fil comes to give me 10 whips with his belt while I stand i the corner. I then am to turn around and kneel and ask premission to enter the home. If he says no I have to stand in the corner the entire visit and some times he comes back out to give me another 10 whips and have me ask again. Sometimes I am given a bar of soap to keep in until I am told to remove it. Some times I am allowed in on the second or third time and sometimes not. When I am permitted in I have to remain nude and I am not allowed to sit on the furniture without permission, I am told where and how to kneel or stand and am ot allowed to be anywhere unattended. And if I am bad I am immediately taken and punished. When leaving the home I have to thank my fil and mil for having us over even if I am left on the porch. No one else ever sees me on the porch because all other visitors use the other entrance and if other company is present I am not allowed in and I am never told if others will be there or not and I always have to go over there each week for dinner with my husbad even though I am often not allowed in or to eat. I am sorry for the lie I told before.

I am thankful to have such strong authority in my life. My husband talked to me before we were married and told me in no uncertain terms that he was going to be much harder and more strict than my father and if I did not accept it we would not be married. We went on a honeymoon and it was beautiful no punishments, etc But when we came home I was put under s strict plan and rules and knew what to expect if I didn't.

Please pray that I can be the good submissive wife that my husband needs and deserves so he does not have to waste his energy on punishing me

Posted by nady on 2009-09-14 19:49:43

hi im holly(23). i get spanked by my friends and mother-in-law everyday. my friends dont spank me as much as my MIL dose. my MIL spanks me for 1hour a day i hate it. becouse she'll spank me for the smallest things. one day she spanked me in 5 diff places my public spanking are about 5-20mins long depending where we are. my butt is bare most of the time. it harts

Posted by Giorgio on 2009-09-15 06:39:20

Thanks for sharing, including your guilty behavior. Stealing money from your in-laws is very serious stuff and I'm afraid you really asked for very serious DD. This doesn't mean you have spoiled your life once and forever but if you're serious about behaving honestly now and for the future, you must submit with all yourself promptly to every word of your husband and I guess that being naked on yor FIL's lap should be very embarassing. I don't know if you have sisters or sisters-in-law but I hope so! Pls let us know more, how it goes on and maybe you could help young wives to behave becoming the good submissive wives all men need and deserve.

Btw I woud marry only such well raised daughters under serious and fair parental authority even at 30... Wherever in the world if necessary :-)

Posted by Giorgio on 2009-09-16 12:29:18

Any adult daughter (under similar parental discipline) looking for a similar husband?

I mean serious, humour loving, strict, full of interests, DD strong believer, honest and religious deeply but in a balanced way, laughing to jokes but very very serious about wife's and children obedience and roles' respect, family loving and else for such (eg. 28-31 yo) honest young woman of course NEVER married, NO children but eagerly looking for both... Pls write me with no lies and even openly!


Posted by pennygirl on 2009-09-30 21:21:28

This is a novel way of finding a wife, Giorgio. Good luck! As for me, I have a Husband who disciplines me regularly. But is too lenient according to His mother. My MIL, on the other hand, is Very strict and administers all serious punishments to all three of us DILs, who are in our 20s and early 30s. My poll at


has suddenly become relevant again as I am currently in big trouble. :-(