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Discipline for adult daughters

Adult daughters

Posted by Tony261 on 2009-03-12 08:26:56

One of my daughters at 31 isn't yet married and of course I spank her every time is needed. When I'm outside city because of my job my wife doesn't spare her but usually she's on my lap every time she deserves probably once a week. I know she's ashamed when I lower her pants but it's no game and there's no sex as perverted minds often think. A very sound spanking plus all the deserved beltings while bending on her bed. Indeed hard not listening to her tears. Finally cornertime and hugs and kisses form me and her mother. It worked with her two sisters and it still works, fair and effective to correct wrong behaviour.

Posted by Danielle_DH on 2009-03-12 11:30:48

I had my share until 29 when I got married and now it's my husband who spanks me as often as my father did, more than Tony's girl. A lot! I don't know who loves me more and whom I love more, maybe my husband but it's anyway a different kind of love. I hate feminism and am very happy to live as a Christian wife and mother.

Posted by Fair DD on 2009-03-14 18:12:21

It would be nice and useful if the adult daughters who vote are willing to add more about their experience. Thanks

Posted by Giorgio on 2009-03-24 07:34:52

I am curious to read the experience of adult daughters in their (late) 20s under parental corporal discipline. More than simple facts I wish to know and to understand the attitude of the young adult woman on the receiving end and her feelings about how does it help and how does she endure difficult moments. Thanks for sharing as private as you wish. Of course no kinky stuff, just traditional domestic discipline for Real Life daughters with Real Life parents. Thanks


Posted by Laura C. on 2009-03-25 20:47:54

Hi Danielle!

That's a good story!

As an adult, have you ever been brought to tears from a spanking?

If so, could you describe how it happened?

If you like you can take my new poll at:


Thenk you in advance!