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Racial Profiling


Posted by paul on 2001-11-02 21:19:22

Of course profiling (racial and other) should be done. Anything else is too inefficient. The only question is how far it should be taken.

If there is a bomb threat, who do you think will make it? Probably a fanatical Middle-Eastern Muslim or some crazy, anti-government, gun-stockpiling white guy. This is racial profiling. Why do I think it will be someone in these groups? Because that's who the criminals were in previous similar cases. So if most of the drug-related crimes in a certain area are committed by young black males, then I would hope that the police would pay closer attention when they see one. Does this mean that police should stop and search every young black male? Of course not, although this seems to be occuring at times.

This is only common sense. Think about cars. Which new car would you trust more, a Hyundai or a Toyota? Almost everybody would automatically say Toyota. Still, it's perfectly possible that the new Hyundais (with the 10 year warranties...) are just as reliable. But Toyota has earned a reputation for reliability, and we assume that the new products will behave as they did in the past. It's no different with people.

Posted by __ on 2002-03-22 15:49:37

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