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School swimwear

High School Swim team

Posted by thong1985 on 2007-03-20 02:05:46

When you get to my High School you have to wear Specialty School Colored Speedos for guys and Girls 1 piece any color, but no Swim gogogles If you forgot it you must swim naked with the other group (guys go to girls and girls go to guys) Sometimes the guys have sex in the water (like a rape) usally the 17-18 year olds on the 17 year old girls I am a softmore probbally all areas 4.0 GPA and star athleate on swim team my GirlFriend is the CheerSquad Captian

Posted by jacobtench on 2008-04-12 01:40:24

For our high school swim team,

Its all guys for some lessons, so i decided to say i forgot my speedo, so i just swam naked. And our coach asked why i was naked, and i said i forgot my swim suit and everyone started taking of their speedo and we pantsed the coach and we all just go naked now when its guys only. the coach was 23 and he and some of us got erectiuons the first Day we swam naked.