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School swimwear

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

Posted by kim on 2002-04-04 06:36:31

In my view, there is nothing inherently indecent or unpleasant about the naked human body. I further assert that there isn't anything implicitly sexual about nudity, at least for those relaxed about the human body and who are used to seeing it naked.

The internet and MisterPolls are Worldwide. Things, attitudes and practices vary in different parts of the World. Things have changed overtime. What happens in your family, school and city may not happen elsewhere, and they may not have happened in earlier times.

Undoubtedly, in some places, especially in earlier times, nude swimming was common place. This practice was considered "normal" and acceptable by most people in the community where it occurred and at the time it occurred. And it was normal and wholesome and natural and harmless, by the standards of the time.

Those of limited experience, with narrow attitutes and uptight attitudes to their own bodies should not attribute bad motives to people involved in things they (the limited) don't understand.

Diversity makes the World interesting. Those who differ from us aren't necessarily bad or mad.