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School swimwear

Swimwear in the Dark Ages

Posted by Old Geezer on 2004-01-25 19:22:56

When I was a boy growing up, the usual beach swimwear for boys was Briefs. They were alot like speedos of today.

Swimming at the YMCA was nude. Back then YMCA's were totaly male and swimming nude was optional but most guys swam that way, including me.

My first and only swimming at school was 10th grade, mandatory swimming. It was done in jocksrap and gym shorts. The regular gym shorts that you wore for PE class. Most of us had to use a safty pin in the waist band to get them tight enough so as not to loose them when diving into the pool. It did happen to a few boys, never to me.

According to my nephews and nieces the schools here now have coed gym and swimming, and they wear swimsuits. The boys who are on the swimteam usually wear their speedos to swim class as well as swim meets and my niece told me yesterday, that the girls enjoy that they wear speedos.