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School swimwear

No Swimwear

Posted by Josh2002 on 2019-11-19 17:11:10

It would be right when boys and girls do mix swimming the boys have to be nude and the girls wear swimsuits. And when the boys show erections the girls can watch then closely. I was already swimming with girls and was totally naked. I had more than once erections. It was fun and educational as well for the girls.

Posted by male35 on 2019-11-21 23:07:27

Josh in our group one of the ladies made the rule any male who shows off (has an erection) while at her house must stand where the females can see him with hands either on head or behind back.The thinking being if we males are going to show off then we would want the females to see.She made this rule after asking only the other women &girls in our group if they were comfortable with this rule.She then announced this rule to us males saying she didn't thing it was a big deal for us males because (A) we leave our right to modesty with our clothes and (B) being nude means the females will get to see our erections anyway this just allows them to look more.We agreed it was her house so her rules the ladies as well as the girls seem to find it amusing having us standing there like that and certainly enjoy looking at our erections and I guess for the girls quite educational.While admittedly it is a bit embarrassing standing there like that I think it is fair to provide the girls&women with a good viewing opportunity a couple of the other ladies may bring the rule in at their homes as well.Josh I guess you would accept swimming lessons conducted in the manner as my previous post.

Posted by Josh2002 on 2019-11-22 06:40:23

Male35, it is a very good rule that males with erections have to stand with hands on their heads while the females have the opportunity to take a good look. I would have no problems with that rule when I would visit that lady's house. Also I would accept the swimming lessons immediately which you had described in your previous post. When I get an erection during a swimming lesson I would stand with hands on my head at attention that females could inspect me very closely.

Posted by male35 on 2019-12-06 09:06:59

Hi Josh sorry for delay in replying we had another gathering this time at Lady Mrs Ds place .On arrival she informed us she had also decided to introduce the rule that any male with an erection must stand in front of the females with hands on heads.Mrs D also had her friend J who is a new member of our group and was attending her first gathering with her daughters 10&8 so it was the girls first time seeing nude males.Mrs D suggested my sons&myself should go and welcome them to our group as the other males who had arrived before us had done,course this would also provide them with a nice viewing opportunity of our nudity.Mrs Ds daughter kindly offered to escort us over to the couch where J and her daughters were sitting.My oldest son quickly sprouted an erection much to the girls delight,a little embarrassed he quickly put his hands on his head and said this is the rules.After his erection went down he remained in position until Ds daughter told him he could go.Although that is not the rule some in our group felt it was rude to just walk off and it was more respectful and appropriate for one of the females to tell us when we could go,this will probably become the rule.Not long after that and my youngest son and another boy were standing hands on heads in front of J and her giggling daughters with erections they were soon joined by a third boy they remained in position until all three of them were no longer sporting erections and were told they could go,the girls had a very good and enjoyable education.I was proud of my boys respect for female authority and accepting it is more important their modesty.

Posted by samundra on 2020-01-09 18:57:18

Josh2002, I'm curious what kind of swimming lessons did you attend? Perhaps a private ones..