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School swimwear

No Swimwear

Posted by otty on 2010-09-30 00:23:30

In primary school up to age 11 we boys had to take swimming classes in the nude. And our instructors and teachers were always female.

Posted by SarahL83 on 2019-07-29 01:52:35

Up to year 9 in high school, swimming lessons were mixed and girls were supposed to wear a one piece suit - bikinis weren't allowed because they were too much like beach wear, but a lot of rebellious girls turned up in bikinis anyway! As a result, they were offered a choice - underwear or bikini bottoms only so most of the girls ended up in just their bikini bottoms, which meant doing their swimming lesson topless, very often in front of a male instructor! The boys were quite happy too lol!

Posted by DaveThePartyGuy on 2019-08-12 00:29:58

Similar for us - boys seemed to get the better deal because even those with poor parents had the choice of shorts, trunks or underpants, whereas the girls invariably ended up swimming in just their knickers, which they'd have to take off afterwards and spend the rest of the day in lessons with no knickers on! Can't think of any girls who wore tops of any kind for swimming, apart from a couple of girls with well off parents who could afford one-piece suits. The rest were topless and one or two even took their knickers off which the coach turned a blind-eye to.