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School swimwear

nude swimming

Posted by _ on 2009-02-03 08:19:47

I have posted this in other forums, but it seems relevant here... Let me know if anybody has any thoughts.

I have operated a foster home for the last ten years. The home takes care of 5 to 8 children at a time ranging in age from age 6 to 16 (at 16-years-old, kids live in group homes). The arrangement is usually temporary, a few months, until more permanent homes can be found for the kids.

The foster home has a large swimming pool. In my experience, girls are a lot more modest then the boys. Girls will wear some form of swimming atire by the age of 9 years, where boys will always swim naked, remaining completely exposed to the opposite sex. This is true for the boys who are even as old at 15 years, and evidently well developed. When older boys first move in (above age 12) , they may be a bit shy about being naked in front of girls, especially since the girls of same age and younger will be clothed. Perplexily, I have heard boys complaining to them selves of being naked in front of the prepubescent girls, but not those of the same age. But after a few days the boys are comfortable with their nudity in front of girls. When the girls first arrive, particularily if they are 8 or 9 years or older, they are surprised at the nudity of the boys - especially of the boys who have obviously entered puberty.

I have also observed that boys from 12 years old sport erections many times a day. It is impossibe for them to hide and all of the girls in my care have seen erections often. For girls who have first arrived, this is surprising to them, but after a few days they view it as normal. The same is true for the boys. After a few days all know that this is a normal response for boys and that the erection will merely subside.

I think for the girls this situation is quite educational, seeing the different stages of the maturing of the male body. I have overheard conversations among them discussing the boys' genitialia.