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School swimwear

nude swimming

Posted by JoeR1234 on 2009-01-01 15:50:30

Our high school has naked co-ed mix nude swimming all the time. There are about 25 girls nude and 20 guys nude swimming together.the one day we had to pick a partner of the opposite sex and we had to learn how to save the person in the water so i was working with this quite naked girl I had to put my arms around her and pull her out of the water I took my time and yes i touched her boobs to get my arm around her from the back. I had to swim with her over to the end of the pool I had the biggest boner ever. I had to pull her out of the water by my self We had to do that several times that year that was so cool. our class also shared the changing room together and the showers by the way that girl that i pulled out the swimming pool she grabbed my boner in the shower because I touched her boobs in the pool. It did not matter to me or other students. We enjoyed it. I wish i could stay in high school just for swimming that was fun.