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Being naked in front of brother/sister

little sister

Posted by danny77 on 2004-01-23 16:22:46

Hi, just read through most of the poll as I have some happy memories of when my sister and myself were interested in the way each other's bodies were developing. It started when I was about 13 and my sister was about 9. When my dad was working nights and mum was out for the evening, I used to be left in charge. Mum would put my sister to bed before she went out, and leave me watching TV downstairs. On the first occasion, I was taking a shower and my sister came into the bathroom to wash her hands. I was like 'do you mind, I'm naked in here'. She just said 'I know - will you show me if I show my fanny?'. I pulled back the shower curtain and she had a good look, then took off her pjs. She was yet to start puberty, but even so I got an almost instant errection. She just giggled, got dressed and went back to bed. The next time we were alone for the evening, she came downstairs almost as soon as mum had left, and asked if I would mind if she practiced her gymnast moves. 'yeah, fine..' She was rolling around the front room floor in her short night dress, and I was catching crafty looks. She came and sat on the floor in front of me cross legged, and said 'you like looking at me?'. I admitted I did, then she pulled her night dress over her head and pushed her hips forward. Her little fanny was wide open, and I got an errection again. I kept my clothes on, but she put on a nude gymnast display for about the next hour before going to bed. This carried on, sometimes with both of us naked, sometimes just her. Never any touching. After about a year we kind of just stopped stripping for each other. However, when she was about 12, I accidently (honest) walked in on her and my cousin (13 at the time) whilst they were in the bath. Both were clearly mid-puberty, with hairs sprouting and little breasts budding. Next time we were alone in the house together again, she made a joke about how we used to like looking at each other. I admitted I missed those times and found her and my cousin's boddies quite sexy. She went upstairs, and when she came back she was wearing her dressing gown, which she dropped in front of me. I stripped as well, and we had a great night doing splits, hand stands, etc in front of each other. Next time we got some time alone, we decided to take our explorations further, and after touching each other's privates (gingerly) we sat and $%!@ed in front of each other. Eventually, I guess we grew tired of the game, but we had a fantastic 4 years fun... and yes, when I go round my parents, she is still not exactly shy around me... and she's developed into a very attractive young woman... Hope you enjoyed reading about my experiances!

Posted by moley on 2008-07-18 19:10:23


Posted by angel94 on 2008-07-29 14:44:01

wow that was the most interesting experiances i've read

Posted by good boy on 2009-01-15 00:46:52

Hi this is my first message on here i am a 14 year old boy nearly 15 and i have twin sisters just turned 13. We see each other naked early on when we where growing up and had no problem. We didnt see each other naked when my sisters started puberty at about 10 years of age. I didnt start puberty till i was nearly 13. When i started puberty i was taking a shower my sisters came in and sqw me naked and asked if they could look at my genitals as they have never seen it with hair before so i said ok only if i could see them naked we touched each other to know what the other feels like but that is it we still dont see eachother naked much but now and again and all three of us are fine with that i like the female body and just got my first girlfriend she is just 15 we havnt done intercourse jet but have had a feel she wants me to do her but am scared im not up to the job because she says she has had it before. I love my sisters as sisters and like the times together and we have no worries about it.

Thanks for reading Good Boy

Posted by dudeman93 on 2009-01-19 02:03:04

how can your twin sister be one year younger than you?