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The Rape Poll!

Close call

Posted by hotforsex on 2006-12-06 20:14:46

All of this is true!! When I was 18, I'm 25 now, I used to go get a massage about once a week. One time I went I had a different (male) massage therapist as my usual one (female) was out sick. I was laying on my back, nice and relaxed as you are with my eyes closed, he had been massaging my legs and thighs when I felt the towel being adjusted. I didn’t think anything of this as it was pretty normal and I'm not modest or shy but next thing I know I felt his finger firmly pressed against my p.u.s.s.y. mound. I lay there shocked, surprised and stiff with fright not able to form a thought or word as I felt him part my legs a little and slide his finger through my labia and over my c.l.i.t. several times. I gasped and finally managed to speak when he pushed his finger into me and told him to stop immediately if he wanted to keep his job and not be arrested. He ignored me at first and kept fingering me even adding a second finger and commenting that I must be liking it as I was getting wet. Thats when I managed to push him away and quickly got dressed while he kept apologising and left. I never did report him (even though I should have) but I never went back to see him either. I made non of this up by the way - it really did happen like that. Freaked me out plenty!!