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The Rape Poll!

personal experiences

Posted by analee on 2017-06-28 21:21:30


You write about having "not quite consensual" or "semi-consensual" sex a lot. you either consent, or you dont. if you dont say "no" then it's not rape. if you're boyfriend touches you and gets ready to have sex, if you dont make it clear that he should stop, its not rape. he's your boyfriend, of course he's going to want you and want sex. if you're his girlfriend, youre there to give him sex. so of course he's going to take you when he wants, and unless you make it really clear to stop, its not rape. just giving him a look, or pushing him away, or making sounds is not enough. why wouldnt you give him sex if youre his girlfriend, or with a guy alone someplace? if you are not going to give him sex in these situations, then you need to make it really really clear, and then probably end your relationship. but semi-consensual is no such thing, and it sounds like most of these guys probably didnt rape you. if you feel owned, and that he can do what he wants with you, that is still consensual, even if you say you dont want it.