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The Rape Poll!

Effects of rape.

Posted by Hooligan on 2003-12-29 03:57:48
In 1991 I was convicted of a NON-VIOLENT drug crime for stealing stuff from medical laboratory and manufacturing drugs. Even though I am an intellectual I spent FIVE YEARS in prison with rapists and murderers. After I was raped I lost all of my self-esteem. I also became bisectual and I am always at risk of getting AIDS. I had a lot of revenge fantasies. That was not a joke.
Posted by alex_in_wonderland on 2008-03-18 19:13:34

You spelled bisexual incorrectly.

Posted by weird is awsome on 2008-05-23 00:53:30

i like your name alex_in_wonderland it's funny, back to the topic rape is bad revenge is also what i want because i was raped and the little $%!@er got away with it and im still only 15 year old boy (that got raped with the help of the date rape drug)

Posted by Alexxx_in_Wonderland on 2008-07-30 03:34:16

haha thanks, it's been redone. yes on a more serious note rape is without a doubt the worst crime one can commit. it happened to me three years ago when i was 12, and it still haunts me. anyone who would rape a boy deserves death