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Testicle Injury

explain cup protection to a girl

Posted by KELLYCAT on 2005-09-18 16:42:56


I just want to add a thank ou for your information. It obvious that a female might have an advantage, but should only use it when necessary. That is my goal. Interesting that I also teach boys self defense. It is not easy that I much teach boys how to grab, kick, balls,testicles in self defense.(being female). But boys as well as girls must know how to defend themselves in case of trouble.



Posted by KELLYCAT on 2005-09-18 17:52:43

Jason please answer

Jason I am at a critical point please answer.

Kelly writes

While it is obvious that many men agree with me that the female has an advantage of not having external balls. I am concerned about the young boys who go on line and read these messages. It is fun for me a female to make fun of a boy who has balls, and to let young girls know of their natural advantage. But at work I now have to teach boys and girls self defense. Most of the time it is separate. And I am able to teach boys how to hit hard and be dominant. And to the girls I do teach them to grab, kick and hold the testicles that females do not have. But my problem is the boys. What do you think, as a woman that I should be teaching them. I really need some suggestions, as I have been a feminist for a long time, but now I have to be impartial, and a mentor to both boys and girls. I would never would want to give false or not true information to our kids.

Kelly thanks............

Posted by KELLYCAT on 2005-09-18 17:58:09

Hand under the cup


Does the hand under the cup really work. Although I teach this, can a girl really grab the balls under the cup?


Posted by Jason-Shannon on 2005-09-19 18:45:32

Hi Kelly,

I’ll be very happy to help you any way I can! I highly respect a feminist like you, because you don’t want to punish or persecute men, you simply want equality and fairness for females, which is what I want too!

After teaching self-defense to girls for so long, especially emphasizing the weakness of our balls and the natural advantage that gives females, it’s bound to feel kind of awkward for you to now teach boys self-defense. But don’t worry! -- YOU CAN DO IT!!

Kelly, I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say “It is fun for me a female to make fun of a boy who has balls, and to let young girls know of their natural advantage.” My female cousin, Jenny, has also had fun teasing boys about those “always in the way” balls hanging between their legs. Just like you, she NEVER abuses boys’ balls in any way either, but like all girls, she frequently just finds a lot of humor in this little “joke” that nature has played on only males. She took a self-defense class about a year ago, and she and her female classmates and female teacher had lots of laughs during the “testicles” part of the self-defense lessons. They used a sock with rubber balls in it to mimic a guy’s balls, and each girl took a turn “being the guy” by hanging the sock between their legs. When they got hit in the balls (sock), the girls even collapsed to the floor holding their balls and crying out in pain, as they FAKED the pain that in reality they would NEVER know! At one point when my cousin was wearing the sock and crying out in pain, another girl in the class came up to her, ripped the sock out of her pants, and threw it on the floor. My cousin smiled and replied to her “OH THANKS!! THAT FEELS MUCH BETTER NOW!!”, much to the amusement of the whole class. I don’t blame you or my cousin at all! If I were a girl, I have NO DOUBT I would enjoy doing the same thing!! Balls are just plain FUNNY!! (except of course when you’re a guy who just got his balls hit!!)

Of course, while you’re teaching boys, you definitely DON’T want to give away any tips that you give to girls about defending themselves against guys!! But if a boy is attacked by a guy, there’s certainly NO reason at all why he shouldn’t take advantage of his attacker’s balls in the same way a girl would. Boys naturally know MUCH BETTER than girls just how much a blow to the balls hurts and stuns a guy! So if it gives a boy a chance to escape an attacking male, he should definitely go ahead and drill the guy in his balls, ...AND THEN RUN!!!

To help with the uneasiness you have about teaching this to boys, be sure to make a little teasing joke about it at first. I’d say something like this: “OK guys. Now that we’ve talked about taking advantage of your attacker’s weak points, I need to point out that male attackers have one more weak point that female attackers don’t have. That obviously is the testicles. Now I’ve heard a blow to the testicles causes excruciating pain, but you guys would know what that’s like much better than I would! (Smile!) Can I have a volunteer? NO, NO, don’t worry, I’m not gonna kick any of you boys in your delicate testicles!” After this bit of humor, then go on with the serious part about hitting an attacker in his testicles.

Kelly, I would highly recommend that you do this: ONLY BRIEFLY mention to the boys that testicles can be used during self-defense, when the opportunity presents itself to them. Don’t DWELL on testicles like you should during the girls’ self-defense class. Instead, stress other areas of vulnerability to the boys – like the nose, throat, stomach, shin, knee, and instep. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TEACH THE BOYS HOW TO DEFEND AGAINST A BLOW TO THEIR TESTICLES, BECAUSE THIS WOULD BE A GREAT DISSERVICE TO FEMALES, SINCE THEY ARE TAUGHT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TESTICLES IN SELF-DEFENSE!!! So you don’t want a lot of boys/men learning how to block a shot to their testicles which could literally SAVE A FEMALE’S LIFE!!

Now, Kelly, in regard to you question to me: “Does the hand under the cup really work. Although I teach this, can a girl really grab the balls under the cup?”

My answer: Unfortunately, I cannot say that it will work in all cases. It really depends on the individual guy and the type of cup device he’s wearing. With some cups it’s more difficult to slip your hand into it than with other cups, and a woman/girl may only have a very short moment of time in which to try to do this. On a video, I have seen a demonstration of a female self-defense instructor slipping her hand under a cup on a manikin and grabbing some fake balls. But if a female tries this and then discovers that she can’t get her hand under the cup enough to grab the balls, she should IMMEDIATELY grab the entire cup and start jerking it up and down AS HARD AS SHE CAN! This definitely works, because as the edge of the cup slides hard across the balls, it compresses the balls against the guy’s groin, which is GUARANTEED to produce the kind of stunning pain a female needs to make her escape from him.

Remember that although grabbing balls IS very effective in stopping a guy, it is generally more difficult to execute than a good, hard, swift blow to the balls. In a real attack, a woman/girl may have only a second or two to take advantage of a guy’s balls, so if one thing doesn’t work, she has to have an alternate plan already in mind. And a woman/girl CANNOT let a cup stop her from taking advantage of her male attacker!! Grinding the edge of the cup over a guy’s balls WILL send excruciating pain throughout his groin, and on top of that, it will usually cause the balls to pop out of the cup, making them very vulnerable to any grabbing or hitting, if the woman/girl finds that necessary to escape.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how the class with the boys goes. And feel free to ask me any other questions you want.


Posted by KELLYCAT on 2005-09-23 23:46:29

Several things wrong with this message


I appreciate your input but!!


In the first day of teaching boys self defense one of the boys hit another in the groin. I immediately said that it was not nice and that, it was not nice to hit below the belt. In the old cartoons, no body ever hit below the belt. So that is my theme now in teaching boys.

Next, since I am now teaching boys self defense, it is my duty to teach them defense from other boys and from girls. Because we all know that girls can be often meaner or more delevish then boys, especially if girls know that they have an advantgage. I need to teach boys to defend their privates, regardless whether the attacher is male or female.

Next, in as self defense class with girls, it is important that girls do not kick one another, since a hit to the vulva in the right spot can incapasatite a girl just like a guy. So if rubber balls are used in self defense practise, the only attack that should be practised is a testicle grab and twist and not a kick. Otherwise the female might get hurt which is not my goal.

In teaching self defense it is my goal that both the boy and the girl and defend him/her self to the best of their ablity, and if they did nothing wrong, to do what ever they have to to make their escape to safety. This is not a male or female issue, ball or no ball issue. It means that the innoscent party can ecape, call the police, and remain unharmed.
So when in trouble I will teach girls the weakness of male testicles, and when teaching boys that they should protect their testicles from girls as well as other males, and that a female can indeed get really hurt in the groin, although unlikely, but it can happen