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Airport Security and Kids1

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
Airport Security and Kids7 1 Sylveef 3 days
Airport style security in schools 2 Sylveef 2 weeks
Guidelines for underwear worn by kids for security screening at airports 4 Shekshek 1 year
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COVID-Resistant Integrated Unclothed Screening for air travel 1 Sylveef 1 year
Air travel during COVID-19 pandemic: bye bye to skin to skin pat down 1 Sylveef 2 years
For doctor's examination of under-11 boys and girls 1 Sylveef 2 years
Urinal and toilet for boys / males 1 ujebac 2 years
kids flying toys 1 LaurenCharles 2 years
Should children be restrained for airport search? 1 Sylveef 2 years
Integrated Unclothed Screening as the standard procedure at airports worldwide 1 Sylveef 3 years
Cape design for airport security screening (to be worn on bare top) 1 Sylveef 3 years
Cape for summer season (and could work for indoors in winter) 1 Sylveef 3 years
Clothing recommendation (below the waist) during hot and humid summers 1 Sylveef 3 years
Cape on bare top (without bra) as the normal dressing for developing girls 1 Sylveef 3 years
Airport Security and teenage girls: Bras setting off airport metal detector 2 Sylveef 4 years
More polls about airport security 1 flyer73 5 years
New Poll: 24/7 Strip to Waist Policy for Kids 1 Sylveef 5 years
New poll on forcible strip search of kids 1 Sylveef 7 years
New poll on skin-to-skin pat down of kids at airports 1 Sylveef 7 years