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Penis size - What women really think

Sad insight

Posted by MisterSi on 2010-12-14 20:08:24

So if a guy doesn't have a friggin hose between his legs then you guys dump him? It's pretty pathetic to treat some guy with an average or maybe on the small side $%!@ like he's not worthy of your attention.

I'd be interested to see anyone try to actually defend the results of this poll, which just proves what a bunch of size queens think.

Posted by salpecam on 2012-01-28 07:34:09

You seem to be sore that the ladies are being honest. Also, you don't seem to have considered the possibility that most, or all, ladies are size queens but only some of them admit it.

I assume you have been dumped because your $%!@ isn't big enough? You could try wearing a $%!@ sleeve to give your lady the illusion that she is with a man who is big enough to stay with. If your $%!@ is particularly small, this might be your only hope of keeping a girl.

Posted by MisterSi on 2015-02-20 04:54:39

I don't date size queens or $%!@s who need huge $%!@ to satisfy them. Besides, I'm happy with the tool between my legs, thanks.

Posted by early one on 2018-03-28 04:14:56

Anyone with a shred of critical-thinking skills knows that these types of polls are always heavily skewed. Size-queens are FAR more motivated to participate in polls like this than the majority of women are. It's clearly obvious just by looking at the percentages who claim they'd dump a guy or cheat on him, just because he isn't hung like a horse.

Also, the question regarding the LONGEST erect $%!@ you've ever experienced is another giveaway that the results are total BS. ALL unbiased, scientific studies regarding $%!@ size agree that the world-wide average is less than 6" long when erect. 6.3" falls into the 95th percentile - which means that only 5 out 100 adult males have an erect $%!@ larger than 6.3".

Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for 40% of women to have experienced a 7"-8 1/2" $%!@, 27% to have experienced a 9"-10.5" $%!@, and 15% to have experienced a 10"+ $%!@.

Math & science ALWAYS rule - and the numbers above just don't add-up.

But then, "E-$%!@" length is typically at least 2" longer & 1" or more larger in girth than reality.

Posted by analee on 2018-04-03 18:51:17

Hey early one,

I get what you're saying, these answers are skewed and kinda bogus. I'm a petite girl myself, and i would never dump a guy who wasn't huge, but i have to be honest and say that i like it bigger sometimes.

Some of the questions here were hard to answer because there wasn't an accurate choice. Like, a bigger $%!@ can hurt a bit and still be really hot - there wasn't that choice.

I don't know about your figures, but i would guess that almost all the guys i've been with have been almost 6 inches or bigger. A lot were bigger. The 9" ones I think are jokes or just porn guys. A 7" guy is really big. But it's more important and more variable how thick he is. A guy who is long can just not put it in all the way if he is too long (that's really uncomfortable for a small woman). But if he's thick, it's going in from the start, and you feel how big he is. I've never had a monster thick guy, and I wouldn't know how big in inches a thick guy is. But I've had several guys who made me cry out becasue they were just so thick, for me. Yes, sometimes it hurts, but sometimes too it feel amazing.