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CFNM Clothed Female Naked Male (Guys only)


Posted by Jack W on 2009-03-21 17:14:53

This happened when I was 14 (I am 15 now).

I got rang up by my friend and she said she was with some of her friends in our local woods and wanted me to go up there and we were gonna go to her house and have a rave and watch a film. So I went there and there was her and about 4 of her friends, I knew one of them but didn't really know the other 3.

We sat in the woods for abit and then we decieded to play Truth or Dare, 2nd round it was my dare, and I was asked to Strip naked and run to the otherside of the woods and back. I refused, and they all started chanting STRIP STRIP STRIP. I refused again, but then one of them shouted STRIP HIM and all of a sudden they lept for my and tried to take off all my clothes. They got my shirts off and then started taking off my belt, and when they finally got it off, they pulled my pants and trousers off. I was so embarresed, and also, just to add to it, I had a massive errection. They laughed for ages and then used a the belt to tie me to the tree, and started rubbing my nipples and chest. I got soo frustrated and horny.

Eventually they jacked me off but they left me there for 2 hours after !

Posted by Alligator24 on 2009-07-25 17:03:35

When I was about 8, there was a party and me and other boys were in a room and decided to get naked in front of each other, just for fun. When me and 1 of my friends were literally with pants down a girl entered and stared in surprise, but didn't leave. We weren't ashamed of nudity then, so we showed her our private parts without hesitation. She looked surprised, but interested and we played for a while together, 3 naked boys and a clothed girl.

Posted by Alligator24 on 2009-07-26 05:53:54

No, perhaps one of other guys did later, but not me, I left soon afterwards (not because I wanted to). However, remember, that was years ago, now I'd probably behave differently, not even because of modesty but of fear to have pictures of me taken or something like that.

Posted by Keira2u on 2010-01-19 08:24:25

I had a great experience a few summers ago. We were having a birthday party for my mom and there were lots of my family and friends there. Most were female but a few of my male friends came along.

It was a really hot day and my mom had a pool in the backyard, some of us decided we'd take a dip so went and got changed into our swimsuits. Some of the boys I knew wanted to go in the pool too but they didn't have swimsuits, we told them to just go skinny dipping and after a bit of coaxing 3 of them stripped off and jumped in stark naked. While they were in some girls gathered up their clothes and took them away, so when the boys got out they had nothing to cover up with. They were embarassed at first covering their bits with their hands because my mom, auntie, younger cousins (aged 12 to 14) and friends were all there looking but then one said 'what the hell' and bared all to the amusement of all the girls. Then the other 2 did the same.

They spent the whole afternoon naked and 1 of them kept getting an erection which we teased him about. There were some pictures taken so even my friends who weren't there got to see these boy's $%!@. They didn't seem to mind though and I know that at least 1 got a $%!@ off a girl there. It really was a lot of fun for everyone and my mom said it was the best birthday ever.

Posted by Token on 2010-05-09 09:14:07

When I was 14 and my cousin was 12 she talked me into stripping in front of her. She said she might take off her clothes if I took mine off, but of course she never did. I had an erection. That was really embarrassing. She kept asking me all kinds of questions like did you ever have wet dreams. That really embarrassed me,but she kept asking me until I said yes, and she laughed and teased me about it. I hardly knew anything about sex, and she knew a lot more than I did. She asked if I ever made myself $%!@. I didn't even know about $%!@ion, and she explained it to me. That was the most embarrassing part--being a14 year old guy and having your 12year old girl cousin explain $%!@ion to you and tell you how to do it. That was 2 years ago, and she still always asks me if remember when I got naked in front of her and she taught me how to $%!@e.. I always start blushing (plus get a hardon) which just makes her laugh and tease me even more.