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If Obama wins the election..

None of the above.

Posted by totoro on 2008-09-28 19:51:52

I'll be quite happy actually, but I will probably do some of those options you listed if McCain/Palin get elected. Of course, after becoming completely depressed and unhinged, I WILL work to get a liberal/progressive elected in 2012 if Insane McCain 3rd term of Bush and Sarah "Caribou Barbie" Palin get elected.

Posted by DDH52 on 2008-09-28 21:58:10

I didn't vote in this poll either. I'll be dancing in the street if Obama is elected!

I just got 2 tickets to see Obama tomorrow morning. Gonna take time off work to do it.

I'm thinking about organizing a neighborhood debate-watch party for Oct 2. Was thinking about the veep debate, but the Palin lovers would probably be too embarrassed to stay and watch the slaughter.

I'm looking forward to seeing a democratic landslide. Something like A 5-6 point lead which he has now could translate that way. Looks like Florida and Nevada have tipped for Obama. Hopefully 8 years of a democratic house, senate, and the executive will nail the conservative coffin shut for good.

Posted by totoro on 2008-09-29 01:23:06

Hi Dan: I actually rescheduled a work appointment so I could watch the VP debate. It looks likely that not only will Obama win the states Kerry won, but he is likely to pick up Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico (definitely), Iowa (also seems definite), and the ones you mentioned. He may even get Ohio, North Carolina, and even Indiana!!!

I think the Conservatives have nailed their own coffin shut lately. Maybe the world will respect us again if we have a real "regime change".

Did you see Palin's disasterous interview with Katie Couric? If I was a Republican strategist, I would be defecating in my pants right now! Big time! I loved all the run-on sentances that changed topic mid sentance as well as her obvious complete lack of knowledge on either economics OR foreign policy! In the L.A. times today, it mentioned that she has claimed that not only did people live with the Dinosaurs 6,000 years ago, but she saw human footprints with the Dinosaur footprints. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by James Foley on 2008-09-29 15:04:49

Hmm, well, you have to remember that a lot of what she speaks about is based on faith alone. Who needs facts when you have faith right?

You know, it isn't her flubs that bother me. I can understand a person not having every bit of happy information that exists. It's the insincere way she is painted as someone having enough information to pass for vice president. It's the snarky comments like the one on the ad below from Palinpeeps dot com that insinuate she's the woman Hillary always wanted to be or wished she could be or some such crap.

One of the most astute analogies I have read about Sarah Palin is that she is a post turtle.

A post turtle is a turtle you find on a long stretch of farm road set upside down on a post of a fence. You know it got put up there by someone, couldn't have gotten up there on it's own, doesn't know what to do while up there, has no business being up there, and doesn't know how to get down safely. In short; a victim.

Instead of Saving Sarah Silverman, the next comedy bonanza is likely to be Saving Sarah Palin.

Posted by Young American Philosopher on 2008-09-29 18:05:00

Hi totoro,

I have to disagree on a couple things. McCain has been ahead of Obama in the polls in Ohio for at least a month running now, and his one-point lead is not slackening. As someone who lives here, I think Ohio is more likely to go to McCain. Two, Indiana was leaning Obama before, but now it's a toss-up.

This odd election year has been full of surprises, and I'm expecting election night to unwrap a few more.

Go Sarah Palin!