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Naked sports

Re: P.E.Naked

Posted by C!ndyCat on 2019-09-03 23:33:56

Hi nighttime and atrium.

I love my brothers.. I've jacked and sucked off all of them. Michal and John(he's the youngest brother, year older then me) those 2 we still have lots of fun and we $%!@, but Johnny doesn't like peeing on me. My other brothers have girlfriends now. Aside from Charles our quarterback fingering me when in position to hike the ball during my dare, coach was the first one to enjoy my body in his office that same day I got naked. After joining them in the locker room, the first month was tons of groping, sucking and $%!@ing in the showers, not all at once like the party. Then they got used to a naked girl in the shower. I still play around with all of them. That's why the cheerleaders hate me, I take showers with their boyfriends, suck and $%!@ them, Though we all swear to them we don't LOL!

Posted by analee on 2019-09-05 23:03:37

Hi CindyCat,

It sounds like you have a fun relationship with your brothers and are at a very open school for your to explore. I commend you for allowing yourself to get peed on. but it's always best to do that in the shower or over the toilet like you're doing, so it doesnt get too messy. have you ever peed in a guy's mouth?

One suggestion i would have is that when you suck the guys, swallow when they $%!@. it makes for easier cleanup when they $%!@ in your mouth instead of on your face or on your body, even if youre in the shower.

Also, you said that your brothers have girlfriends now. that doesnt mean that you cant pleasure them when they are around. a welcome home blow job or letting them feel u up even quickly is a nice way to stay intimate. and sometimes guys just want to smell or taste $%!@, so you can make yourself available for that...

Posted by analee on 2019-09-05 23:09:29

Hi Teresa,

You also have a fun time, and good for you. I agree with atrium that you should have the boys finish in your mouth. it's just cleaner and more fun and sexier. you can probably blow a couple of them and not have to worry about showering off, or making them finish on their own.

Posted by nighttime on 2019-09-07 22:14:03

Of course you should be ready to have fun with the guys every time you are in the showers together. But you do not always have to let them come in your mouth. Some guys will enjoy shooting their $%!@ in your face or hair or on your $%!@. And of course if they want to $%!@ you and $%!@ in your $%!@, then that is also okay.

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-09-08 18:07:18

Teresa - I'm confident the coach will be fine with the guys $%!@ in your $%!@. It's really no different than your mouth. I recommend not washing off the $%!@ when they spray your face and hair. Just leave it. Let's people know how willing you are to help out.