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Naked sports

Re: P.E.Naked

Posted by C!ndyCat on 2019-08-25 21:02:20

I play foorball, so school wouldn't let me play that naked. It was tough enough getting them to let me change and shower with the guys in their locker room. That's how I got good at playing football. I played with my older brothers and their friends.. It was tackle too. We'd also play mudball, clothes always get pulled off in mudball. We had 1 bathroom for 4 brothers and me... So showering with guys and their hardons rubbing agaisnt me, was no big deal. I'm not even embarrassed peeing or pooping in front of the team, as I'm used to my brothers coming in do their thing or talk with me while I go.. My other brothers don't, but Michael he a Junior this year, if I haven't showered yet and on the toilet.. Instead of waiting for the shower or me to get finish, he'll get in front of me, say spread 'em and start peeing on me, trying to aim between my legs, but always hits my boobs and stomach.. He says its running down into the toilet and not like I'm not going to be showering anyways. The HS football coach is watching me this year.. my coach now has been talking to him.

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-08-31 17:14:57

Cindy - just tell him to pee in your mouth. It'll be much less messy.

Posted by nighttime on 2019-08-31 21:40:19

You could let him $%!@ in your mouth as well, but I'm sure he enjoys spraying his hot $%!@ on your $%!@ and watching it run down between your legs. Maybe he can get the boys from your football team to $%!@ on you too......

Posted by C!ndyCat on 2019-09-02 22:38:13

Edunrevol, nighttime.

I like it when Michael pees on me. I've drinked Michael's pee before.. One time I told him to hold it and we both got in the shower. I got on my knees and told him to pee on me..He started aiming at my head and face, then went down. He liked that and so did I.. Some even went in my mouth, it was really warm and wasn't as nasty as I thought.. Next time we did it, he had a hardon, so if he peed, it'd go straight up. So I held it to aim for him, but for some reason before he started, I took him in my mouth and drank his pee. He seriously loved that, especially because after he stopped peeing, I kept him in my mouth and sucked him off. A few times he's even let me squat over him and pee on him or in his mouth.

With my team, except for 2 or 3 that I have, I don't know if I'd wanna drink any of their pee. Half if not all have peed on me one time or another in the shower. Not at once, but I've sucked them all off at least once and was $%!@ed by them at a party. The running plays I did naked was supposed to be my initiation.. A week later at a party, 5 newbies on the team were naked on their knees with their heads on the floor, each one had something sticking out of their $%!@. They would randomly be made to suck each other, get spanked, get $%!@ed or things put in their $%!@.. When I found out they were being initiated, I told the others I was a newbie too, got naked and joined them. They said I didn't have to, but I told them why shouldn't I.. Plus it helped me earned the respect of others for going through it.. Though everyone turned their attraction to me and I sucked and or was $%!@ed at least 30 times..

Posted by nighttime on 2019-09-03 05:04:32

Hallo CindyCat, you have a great relationship with Michael! $%!@ing on each other and sucking his $%!@ is really fun for a brother and sister; does he $%!@ you as well? And your other brothers?

When you are sucking and $%!@ing your team mates, does the coach join in as well? Setting a good example for all the boys to follow!