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Tickle Torture

tickling friend

Posted by KingNoah on 2009-10-21 14:22:53

One time me and my friend agreed to have a tickle contest, I won the coin flip to tickle first. I got rope and tied her hands behind her back then tied her feet. I took her shoes and socks off and tickled her barefeet. after 10 m. she said in between laghs "ok ok please stop!" I didnt of coars I was having to much fun. The only reson I un-tied her was because it was time for her to go.

Posted by Lindkohnsey on 2010-03-05 04:30:29

My friend came over for spring break while my parents were out of town and we are both female so she tied me up naked to the bed and started undressing and stuffed here bra in my mouth then switch to panties and then here high knee socks. She then got on top of we and started kissing every aspect of my body. She then had her sistter come over with a camera and take pics of us. She then said I will tell your parents did this to me instead of you if you do the same to me in 6 days. So she left me like this for six days abd every day she would come and kiss me and rub here private parts all over me. Please email me at Hunterg1997@gmail.com

Posted by _ANDIE_ on 2011-05-16 17:28:59

Sure, if you want pictures I have some. I am a seventeen year old girl. I have light blue eyes. I have long dark brown hair. I have light skin with freckles. I am tall. I am skinny. I am lightweight. Often I am the victim of tickle torture. Both my boyfriend as well as some of my friends love tickling me. Here is one picture I have, I can describe it. I am lying on a blanket on the floor. I have on a tight green camo. army crop top and tight light blue jeans. My ankles are bound together with rope. My knees are bound together with rope. My arms are behind me and bound to my chest with rope. My wrists are bound together with rope. I have a soft wad of material shoved inside of my mouth. There is a strong smooth strip of tape over my mouth. If you'd like to give me your email I could send you that picture. And in case you care, there is also a video that was taken of me after that picture was taken. It is up on YouTube. In it, I am being tickle tortured. Since I am bound and gagged, I can only struggle and squirm and make sounds like "mmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmph... mmmmmphhh-mmmmmmmm-mmmm mp..." while I am being tickled in the worst spots, which for me are my ribs, my sides, my belly, my navel, my feet, etc. It is a long video. I would love it if you'd check it out. Let me know about the email.

Posted by Sweetness34 on 2011-05-17 02:36:18

please send me the pics!!!!! And what was the video called?!?! I would love to know! Please email me at mrfunny13192@gmail.com Thanks! (I'm a guy)

Posted by amurtinyburr122 on 2011-12-13 02:20:50

I want the pics! My email is katherinesnw2@gmail.com!!!!