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should I get circumcised?


Posted by peteM1989 on 2008-08-04 16:12:01

No offense to you mate, but I find the reasons you suggest are a bit shaky. Consider what you intend to do- cut off a part of your body. If everyone else had their little finger cut off, would you do it as well just to be the same?

Being American has nothing to do with whether or not your privates are mutilated. That's generally a religous custom. Being uncircumcised is no less hygenic if you roll it back and wash it properly. If you ask me, unless there is some medical reason to do so (half of these don't actually require circumcision) there is absolutely no reason to cut it off. I don't believe in god, so my reasoning is that it's unnecessary and defies logic. If you do believe in a god, surely it's better to leave things the way god made them?

Posted by BJake on 2008-08-05 21:43:34

Interestingly my dad was adamant that my brother and I did not get circumcised as children. He had been and felt that it should be up to the individual concerned what kind of thing happens to their own body.

Both my brother and I had to get circumcised when we began to have sex on a regular basis. Our foreskins were too tight and got badly damaged.

I do wonder if there was a reason other than religion or hygeine that caused my family to get their son's circumcised?

Posted by peteM1989 on 2008-08-06 09:30:27

Exactly. The only times it should be done is if there is an actual reason to do so, not 'my god demands it' or 'I don't like it anymore' etc. If it is affecting the proper functioning of the $%!@, that is the only time it should be removed imho


Posted by Tralhob on 2008-09-03 13:38:14

I think rather than lopping off your foreskin, you should lose that sheeplike need to be like everyone else, that craven desire for social approval. It's not dignified.

Posted by BJake on 2008-09-12 22:26:43

Just a thought, but unless you intend to talk about it in public - "I've been circumcised you know!" - how does it aid one's craven desire for social approval?

I can't tell if the man standing next to me on a bus or a tube is circumcised or not. I'm not going to ask him if he is and I'm not going to tell him either. I have no idea how many of my friends have been circumcised or not. Unfortunately several of my colleagues found out when my wife let it slip that the little operation I was going into hospital for was a circumcision. They were very nice and sent me an obscene get well card BUT one of the admin staff did promise to kiss it better (I declined his kind offer)

The only place where it would become obvious would be at a nudist colony and I think that if I was at a nudist colony I the one place you can be sure I wouldn't be looking was at other men's $%!@es. Some of my friends on mister poll may differ!