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Should husbands obey? (Married Women only)

My Husband Better Obey Me!

Posted by Strict Marie on 2008-06-27 17:06:59

My husband obeys me without question, & I am 100% in charge of our marriage & make all the decisions. He is only allowed to give me his input if I ask him for it.

I've been controlling & spanking my husband since before we were married, & that's been almost 17 years now. Keep a man's butt blistered & deny & control his orgasms on a regular basis & he'll learn to behave & obey, I guarantee!! In our case I initiated it, as I planned to, for I had controlled & spanked a few boyfriends in the past.

He learned if he wanted to be with me, that I was going to be in charge, he was going to obey me & be disciplined & punished when I deemed he needed it, & he had one of two choices if he stayed with me, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & I really didn't care which he chose, for he was going to obey me if he was going to be with me.

If more wives would take charge of their marriages, punish their husbands when they need it, & help them to get rid of so many of those ridiculous macho tendencies, marriages would be much more harmonious & peaceful, & with less problems, strife & stress. My husband is very obedient, respectful, attentive & loving, & that's because I "wear the pants" in our marriage.

Posted by Strict Marie on 2008-07-01 16:21:54

OK, first of all many chastity devices can cause injury to the $%!@, & create erection problems, so I not only don't use one, I also wouldn't recommend it tto other couples either.

I don't require my husband to be "cheerful", for one can't, (nor should they), always control one's moods. My husband is still a human being, not a robot. I also find a "dress code" tedious & a bit affected.

Posted by arzu3456 on 2008-07-06 23:12:20

I do enforce a chastity belt on my husband 24/7. I find denying him makes him more submissive. He knows that I am totally in charge. He knows that he only exists for his mistress' pleasure. He has to do all chores wearing a maids uniform. He obeys strictly to me. There are many things i use him for:footstool,bootcleaner,ashtray,doormat,dog,$%!@, oral service and many more. For punishment he is whipped/spanked/restrained awkwardly for long times(over 24 hours) and ballbusted. To remind him that he is mere property, he has a brandmark on his thigh.

Posted by submissive mark on 2008-07-20 09:48:18

I obey my wonderful Wife without question. She is 100% in control of me & our marriage & we are very open & upfront about it.

I learned if I wanted to be with Her, that She was going to be in charge, I was going to obey Her without question & be disciplined & punished when She saw fit, & I had one of two choices if I stayed with Her, learn to love it or learn to accept it, either would do, & it didn't matter to Her which I chose, for I was going to obey Her if I was going to be with Her. Once She took over & I accepted it, there was no more discussion or going back.

She took control & my spankings/paddlings started on our wedding night. She wanted to make it quite clear from the beginning who was in charge, & it wasn't to be me. On our wedding night She took me over Her lap & paddled me with Her hairbrush before we actually consummated our marriage by making love. In fact to my Wife, the actual consummation of our marriage was Her paddling me & taking charge, not in making love. That was no light little session either. By the time She was finished paddling me, my bottom was deep red to purple, I was begging Her to stop through my tears & sobbing, & I was hoarse from crying. She put me in the corner & told me to get used to it, for She was in charge & that's how it was going to be. She had Her priorities in order from the beginning. The entire week we were on our honeymoon, & the rest of the first month of our marriage, each day began & ended with me over Her lap getting spanked & spending time crying in the corner, not including when She needed to punish me for something, the moring & evening sessions were just to remind me who was in charge. Each session, for punishment or as a reminder ended with me in tears & begging my Wife to stop, & it's been that way every time for nearly 26 years now. My Wife shows no mercy & cuts no corners when spanking/paddling me, for any reason.

When we were first married & I was learning Her rules, I was spanked by Her at least once a day, every day for falling short of Her rules & expectations, & usually 2-3 times a day on average just for that, not including the regular maintenance sessions. It took about six months for me to get to where it was an average of once a day merely for punishment, & about ten months before it was less than once a day for that. My Wife was & is extremely strict & does not let anything slide, no matter how minor it may seem to others. There were also a minimum of 3 days a week, (usually 4-5), after the first month that each day began & ended with my being over Her lap & every night I was over Her lap, for the first year of our marriage as She molded me into the "obedient little boy" that She wanted as a husband. My Wife let me know She wasn't going to tolerate what She considered "typical male behavior" & She was determined to & would break me of those habits. She also made it very clear that She preferred & would have a "Good, docile, submissive & obedient little boy for a husband rather than an overly macho man that would try to assert his male 'authority'.", as She put it Herself. She so much as told me that the biggest reason that She married me, (besides loving me), is that She could tell I would be easy to train, dominate & control, & that's exactly what She was looking for in a man. She said that if I hadn't been so easily trainable & controllable, we would never have gotten married.

Now, after 25 years of marriage, I get a weekly discipline session every Sunday to remind me of who is in charge in our marriage, ensure that I remain Her "obedient & good little boy", & because She knows being a man, that I've done something wrong that She didn't know about. I also get unannounced random spankings during the week, (at the very least 2-3 a week extra, usually 4-5), for the same reason that I had to have done something wrong. Even after 25 years of marriage, I still fall short at least once a month, (usually more often), & receive the full fledged punishment spankings as well. There is no begging, no pleading, & no negotiating when She feels I need to be spanked or paddled. It will happen. She uses Her hand, a hairbrush, a paddle or a belt, depending on what I have done. She will also use mouthsoaping if She feels it's needed as well as corner time, (corner time is a given, no matter why I am spanked).

My wonderful Wife is a firm believer that men are nothing more than "overgrown little boys" that need the strict, firm & loving hand of a Woman, be it their Mother, their Wife, or another woman that the man has consented to being disciplined by to discipline, correct, punish, & guide them into what they should be. In fact, I am only allowed to refer to my Wife as "Mommy" or "Ma'am" no matter where we are, who we're with, or what situation we're in.

My Sister-in-law has also spanked/paddled me more times than I can count over the years for being disrespectful, disobedient, etc. Whenever She spanks me, I know I will receive the same from my Wife, both for being disrespectful or disobedient to Her sister, & for having to be punished by Her sister. If I disrespect or disobey my Sister-in-law in front of my Wife, I can expect to be spanked/paddled by them both, one after the other.

All my spankings/paddlings, whether by my wonderful Wife or my Sister-in-law are done with me completely nude, & are always followed by nude corner time as well.

My wonderful Wife is 100% in charge of me & our marriage, & I am expected to obey Her without question.

After so many years of this lifestyle, I find I crave, need & love the structure & discipline it gives us.

I truly feel that if more women punished/disciplined their men, that marriages & relationships would be much better. I know that I've learned to be very obedient, docile & well behaved or I suffer the consequences.

Posted by bimlove on 2009-05-14 17:00:40

I love your smart way of domination. Domination is this way. The woman must wear the pants and be the "initiative". Chastity belts do a little and are harmful. And they do what the woman should do herself to be dominant.

Just one thing I didn't understand is what you mean by his input?

At your feet, bim