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Girls seeing boys naked

Guys posting here

Posted by samantha1991 on 2008-08-10 13:03:18

Once again I have deleted a few posts from guys that were inappropriate for this poll. I appreciate the fact that guys do not mind talking about their pe-nis and I do not mind if they describe what their's looks like here.

My only rules are that no posts be made that would belittle another poster or those that could cause arguments. NO requests for pictures or email addresses allowed. Long tirades for or against male circumcision will be deleted.

Guys can tell us their circumcision status in detail if they want to but they may not post links or references to sites that are circumcision related.

Girls can specify your own preference of course without delving into the merits of being intact or circumcised.

Let's keep this poll honest and fun to participate in. Samantha

Posted by jemsqi on 2008-08-19 05:09:59

i'm a 17 year old guy...i'm circumcised and a little over 7 inches hard...most girls i've been with said they only have seen circumcised $%!@es

Posted by samantha1991 on 2008-08-19 09:40:31

Hi Jemsqi Thanks for posting. Would you care to describe your circumcision and how you had conversations with girls regarding circumcision. I have never talked to a guy about it but lots of my g/fs and I talk about it a lot. Only one of them has ever talked to a guy specifically about circumcision. Samantha

Posted by jpvs on 2008-09-19 19:32:55

Hello Samantha. I was circumcised 4 years ago so I guess I can answer any question you might have about circumcision. If you have any question let me know. I also have questions about it. Like the girls points of view, etc. Joseph

Posted by samantha1991 on 2008-09-19 21:32:06

Hi Jpvs. Thanks for posting. How come you got circumcised four years ago and not when you were a baby? I imagine it had to really hurt and I bet you were embarrassed getting it done with the nurses around. Can I ask how old you are now? What about your family? Do they know you had it done? How did you get the nerve to tell them? Any and all boys that I have will definitely be circumcised as soon as possible after they are born. I can't imagine putting an older boy through that kind of embarrassment. Was it for medical reasons or did you want it done?