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What is your understanding of Christianity?

These questions are highly debatable

Posted by Predator on 2008-07-05 13:32:08

You must remember that even amongst Christians, there are big differences of opinion on these matters. The Holy Bible does not always make things crystal clear. We have to interpret with our God-given brain, according to our conscience.
Some Christians think there is a place of eternal torment, and some do not. Some think you must be baptised in water, others think the Holy Spirit only will suffice. Likewise most of the other questions. You can usually find a Scripture to support your own opinion.

Posted by Tralhob on 2008-07-15 22:25:50

And then there are some Christians (and I suppose this applies to every religion) who think their interpretation is right and other Christians are wrong. And then there are other Christians who have the exact same view of those first Christians. So what we have here is a big bunch of Christians insisting that they are the only 'correct' ones. And at the same time, they say scripture is unambiguous and must be interpreted literally. (Implying that it can be).

It's fine that there are different interpretations, but anyone thinks there is only one possible literal interpretation looks a bit ridiculous IMO. Seems to me the Bible is a bit of a Rorschach test.

Such people I think are basically claiming to be infallible.

Posted by blabber on 2008-08-26 03:58:51

some people take the bible literally word for word. Bullcrap if you ask me, but they can believe what they want and I won't tell them they're wrong. However, the less religious christians and jews, among other faiths, take it to be metaphorical and interpret it as such. Some people (like me) even take it as far as to say that even god is a metaphor. Few people would actually say that genocide is okay because it says so in the bible. Most people belive some sort of metaphor in the bible in some way or another. Some is true. Ramses II is true, the slavery of the jews is true. Parting of the red sea, they think it actuall meant the reed sea which actually does "part" when the water level gets too low. People, belive what you want. If you keep it out of my government, I'm fine.

Posted by Tralhob on 2008-09-03 13:45:36

I don't know why people bother trying to explain what actually happened with the purported Red Sea crossing.

How about this for an explanation: it didn't happen! It's just a myth.

No need to invoke some pseudo-rational explanation for a non-event. We know seas don't part. End of.

Posted by BJake on 2008-09-03 22:28:39

I have to agree. The only references to Moses and everything the bible claims happened are in the bible. No independant contemporary reports to corroberate the myth. That says it all for me!

Then again if it's in the bible and the bible is the infallable word of god and it didn't actually happen then god is a great big fibber - or else it did happen and everyone other than the jews just hushed it up?