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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-10-18 15:02:59

Congratulations. Now the two girls are where they should be. I am particularly pleased that your little one now also smokes 2 packs a day and that it seems to be normal for her. Free and uncontrolled smoking seems to be good for your daughters and it seems to me that they both enjoy it to the fullest. Also that mslaurie's 3-year-old grandson is following his two sisters more and more is great. Ok .............. aside from cursing and profanity. The fact that the three are now also making a four-year-old smoker shows me that smoking is slowly becoming more popular among small children. In the past, such children were made into movie stars such as Sally from the series Mad Men, who said she was not a good smoker and still became a heavy smoker through the series and she stayed. Or the smallest girl from the series, My sister's kids on honeymoon, where one of the girls still has a pacifier around her neck while she is enjoying a cigarette. See https://youtu.be/pvKSA9p1mvI. As for the daughter of your neighbor's daughter ................. well ................. 1 year is already quite young but if it is she likes it, why not. Time will tell how it develops. In any case, there is nothing against the fact that her mother, even if she is still young, makes her a smoker. I asked my two children when, once they were grown up and had children themselves, they would let them smoke. Both said as early as possible, even though it is much younger than they started smoking themselves. That now allows a lot of room for manoeuvre, but I think they will turn their children into smokers even in the very early age of the child. We will definitely support them in this when its time.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-18 17:03:19

You are absolutely right. It used to be common practice that small children smoked just like adults and it was shown completely unabashedly and publicly in dozens of films. Only nowadays is it being turned into a political drama and restricting us smokers and our smoking children more and more just to appear publicly as clean men. Well, I understand in hospitals and other health-related institutions or kindergartens and schools that smoking is prohibited there, but that has always been the case. But we also knew how to help each other and went e.g. in the school basement to smoke. Only that smoking is now also prohibited in public restaurants or other publicly accessible places - that goes too far. Like the raising of the age to buy cigarettes, this is pure political whitewash just to look good and appease the non-smoking voters. We have at least no age limit for smoking, even if the buying age for cigarettes is also 18, thanks to the oh-so-"good" EU. At least according to the recommendation in the legal text. I don't care. I buy cigarettes for my children and give them a box every 3 - 4 days so that they always have cigarettes and never have to go without them. By the way ... the neighbor's daughter was with us again in the afternoon and got useful tips and advice on how to slowly prepare her 1 year old daughter for smoking. Now she will slowly approach it with a few smoky kisses a day, but not let her smoke directly yet, although she would like to do that. But it hardly makes sense to put the cigarette in her mouth right now if the little one does not yet know that she should take a drag from the cigarette and shouldn't bunch into it. She also tried it with a smoky kiss and the result was, as expected, the medium-sized cough concert that is so with all children at the beginning of becoming a smoker. But let's wait and see how it develops and we'll see in a year.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-10-19 14:03:06

Yes, the EU ................ a block on the leg of every European. Not only do they get on our nerves with all their senseless laws and norms (curvature of cucumbers and bananas), they also hinder us and our children from free smoking whereever we want. I see it, as you do, in certain places, but there has always been a smoking ban. Only that they forbid us to smoke in the inn is not acceptable. After a good meal, a cigarette is simply part of the culture of a person who smokes. The age limit for smoking itself, which unfortunately, like in Germany, is 18, should be abolished. We shouldn't learn anything from those in Germany, but rather be able to decide for ourselves what is best for us and our children. My children also get a new box of cigarettes every 4 days and also smoke as much as they want without hindrance. Just not as public as yours, but both still smoke 2 packs a day, or a little more. But not too hidden in a quiet room either. As far as the 1 year old is concerned, I also see it that way, it should stay with smoky kisses for the time being, before she really starts smoking. With your little one it went relatively quickly that she became a smoker. You can be really proud of yourself that you and your big daughter made her a 2pack smoker in just under half a year. At the weekend my two were up longer than during the week and smoked more than usual. My daughter 46 cigarettes and my son 50 cigarettes. It was good for both of them and they enjoyed smoking as much as we did. If we lived like you in Serbia, it would probably be almost 3 packs on the weekend.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-21 09:33:02

You're really right what you say about the EU ... . The latest nonsense that Mslaurie will surely laugh about in the US is that they now want to ban vegetarian burgers, sausages and schnitzels being sold under these names. As if there were no bigger problems than such nonsense.

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-10-23 13:49:35

You are right, it is the purest waste of tax to think about such a nonsense, which is characterised by lobbying. Contrary to expectations, however, the application was rejected and everything remains the same. Apparently, there is still intelligent life among the Eurocrats.