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Kids and Smoking

kids and smoking

Posted by Jennifer 1979 on 2020-10-15 06:42:40

Yes, I meant the reward principle. It encourages the children to do something in order to get something afterwards. In that case, cigarettes. We tried it with our two children before they became addicts and now smoke to satisfy their addiction to cigarettes and it worked out wonderfully.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-10-15 23:03:17

We give him a pack to smoke at his leisure and we dont pressure him into must having to smoke a pack a day, he is getting there and i feel he like his sisters should decide how much he wants to smoke. I dont feel there is need to force anything but love that is enjoying as he should and can make his decisions based on his role models. The older has stated several times how she regrets not starting earlier and somehow i can see how she feels and sure that someday she will raise her kids the same way. Anyway the girls took him to the park yesterday and it was just them and 2 other kids so kind of quiet but they did also tell me of this one child and mom they met who was intriqued by the fact the younger smoked. She was talking with the girls about how she is trying to do the same for her little one and even encouraged the little one to offer her a cigarette and show her what to do. I have to say i was impressed they had this meeting and hope they will continue be a role model to that child i mean its nice to have good role models isnt it?

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-16 06:39:44

It's nice that your little one is now playing a role model role for other children and that other mothers are also interested in how to make their children smokers very early. So it is slowly becoming more and more normal that even small children are raised to be smokers again and also smoke in public like we adults do. I think that's great. By the way, you are right, it will be interesting to see how the older of your two girls will one day do it when she has a child herself, but also how the younger of the two will develop further.

As for my niece, I know a little more about her, let's call it smoking, career. My sister also smoked during pregnancy, although we all advised her against it, and so her daughter was born addicted to nicotine. During pregnancy she only smoked about 10 cigarettes a day instead of 60, but that doesn't matter in the end. As soon as the baby was born, my sister was smoking her usual 3 packs a day again and as soon as they were at home my niece was constantly surrounded by cigarette smoke, as my brother-in-law is also a heavy smoker. In addition, there were smoky kisses over time and so she was introduced to smoking as a baby. At the age of 1 1/2 she was allowed to take a drag on my sister's cigarette and when it worked to inhale the smoke, she got her own pack of cigarettes. So in a little over 4 years, just as her parents demonstrated, she has developed into a chain smoker.

By the way, yesterday I went a different way. Since my big one needed a new box anyway, because she ran out of cigarettes in the morning, the little one also got a box and I just told her "You can smoke now like your sister with it." . That was probably the pressure on the start button. She took her carton of cigarettes, went to her sister and told her what I said. Whereupon both girls each took a pack, opened it and smoked 3 cigarettes in a row to compensate for the nicotine deficiency of the night. After that, both girls smoked about the same amount throughout the day and when the little one went to bed at 6:30 in the evening, there was only 1 cigarette left in her 2nd pack of the day. She was also very proud to show me this and of course I'm proud of her too. My big one stayed up until about 8 o'clock in the evening and of course continued to smoke as usual and came to about 46-48 cigarettes because she already smokes more like her cousin. I am definitely very proud of both girls and in no way regret having turned them into real smokers.

Posted by mslaurie on 2020-10-17 23:30:23

He is starting to pick up on sisters habits, even the cussing/profanity. I like the idea of small children becoming smokers or at the very least interested in it it just makes it seem the are addicted in a way and that is good of the adult. I found out more about that child and according to my girls who talked to the mom, the girl is almost 4, so near their brothers age so it should be easy for him to get her started. Anyway the mom has been doing everything possible to get the girl addicted and want to start and it seems our little one smoking has done that, good influence for sure! They also told me that the last visit to the park they saw the girl smoke 2 while there, mom was proud and wants it to go further so they are going to try. I have to say I was turned on to hear this and proud of my girls and their brother for wanting to help it happen and make the mom happy.

Thats kind of cool that she smoked nearly 2 packs, sounds like she is progressing quickly and the other 2.5 packs not bad at all. By the way in case i didnt mention it the older girl smokes 2 ppd and the younger more then 1.5 (less then 2) ppd so all progressing good.

Posted by Tamara25 on 2020-10-18 08:25:03

Very good if he adopts the bigger sisters' smoking habits. It should not only give the impression, but also be so that the little ones are already strongly addicted to cigarettes, because this is the only way they will always remain smokers and later teach their children how to do it as early as possible. The sooner a child becomes addicted to cigarettes, the better it is. In any case, my two girls are already so addicted that they don't even want to go without their cigarettes and they always have their cigarettes with them. Do your 3 year old and 4 year old inhale the smoke deep into their lungs? If not, it's time to teach them. In this way, the mother of the 4-year-old reaches her goal of making her daughter really addicted to cigarettes and your 3-year-old will then also smoke more because he is becoming more and more addicted. Yesterday my big one showed my little one how to exhale the smoke through her nose and the little one tried it until it worked and then showed it to me with great enthusiasm. I was really proud of it and gave her a long, smoky kiss as a reward, which she drew deep into her lungs and then exhaled through her nose. When I asked her if she liked it, she said yes and did it again right away. For me it is just one more sign that it was right to have made her a smoker at the age of 1 1/2 and to let her smoke freely and uncontrollably at the age of 2 1/4.

The 17 year old daughter of our neighbor was with us right now and when she saw my little one smoking, she asked me how long she had been smoking. I said "around three quarters of a year", after which she put her cigarette in the mouth of her 1 year old daughter and said "then it won't harm my little one either and I'll make her a smoker". She smokes about 3 packs a day as she told me. My two girls were of course excited about it and my big one asked if she could help so that the little one would soon smoke like she did. But that takes time. A lot of time until the 1 year old girl is ready for that. When the neighbor's daughter left, I asked my big one when she would let a child smoke. She said "the same age as the little daughter of the next-door daughter was". So from the age of 1 year. I am surprised, but also happy how my upbringing shows success.